Friday, May 24, 2013

The Vagina Lock

In the midyear of 2010, there was this rumor that just suddenly emerge from nothingness. Well, for me it was a nasty thing to talk to. It was very personal that should be kept by only two individual who are involve in such incident. For a playful tongue, it was a very interesting topic to be discussed - not thinking of the reputation of two celebrities.

Let's have a quick talk about the strange incident that put this two person in an scandalous situation.

Actually, I don't know how to start this in a not-so-disgusting way. Well, we all know that dogs, when copulating, suddenly connects with each other, as if their genitals are tied up. It was natural for them. The female dog locks the genital of her partner, and I don't know the reason why. It was called penis captivus or vaginismus or commonly known as vaginal lock. It is possible that women may lock the same way the latter do. However, this isn't natural for humans though there are incidents of this.

The celebrities I am talking about is Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz.

The Story

[Taken from Internet:]
... Shaina Magdayao suffered from vaginal captivus, an occurrence wherein the vaginal opening of a woman closes.

Anonymous people claim that John Lloyd and Shaina were having sex in the latter’s house. At the climax of their tryst, Shaina’s vaginal opening apparently locked while John Lloyd’s genital was inside it.

The two allegedly tried to remedy the situation but to no avail. What they did was to cover themselves with a blanket and rush to the St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Just now, TV host Boy Abunda claims that there is no truth to the ongoing rumors about John Lloyd and Shaina.[a]

That's a little part of the broad urban legend.

  • Some claimed that the hospital is not St. Luke’s Medical Center, that it was Makati Medical Center instead.
  • Other people added information that the two celebrity called their managers for help. Then they sent ambulance to fetch them covered in blanket.
  • The rumor spread in public because the doctor who cured them told the story to other people.
  • The setting of the story is not in John Lloyd Cruz's house but in Shaina Magdayao's residence.

  • Breaking the Silence

    In a press conference held to introduce Shaina Magdayao's new teleserye, reporters asked her about the said issue. She answered,
    . . I would like to take this opportunity. . Hindi po totoo yun. Nakakalungkot na mayroong mga tao na, Diyos ko hindi ko alam kung saang parte ng isip nila nakuha yun. I think it's the most outrageous chismis sa industriya natin.[a]

    [. . I would like to take this opportunity. . It is not true. It's sad to think that there are people who, my God, I don't know where they got this. I think it's the most outrageous gossip in our industry.]
    About the witness and claims that other people mentioned, this is what she said,
    . . May mga nagsasabi na confirmed daw, may proof pa. Asan yung proof niyo?! Sa hi-tech na panahon natin, kung may picture dapat kumalat na. Kung na rush ka sa E.R., 'di ba dapat mayroong mga forms na dapat i-fill up, bayaran. E wala naman maipakita na nandun yung pangalan namin. Hindi rin nagpapunta ng doktor sa bahay. Nakakalungkot na naisipan pa kami ng mga ganung bagay. Kung iisipin natin, kahit naman sa normal na tao, kung totoo nga namang nangyayari yung ganung bagay, pupunta ka ba sa ospital? Ano pa kaya kami na public figures na kahit anong gawin namin nababalitaan ng mga tao? I think walang ka sense-sense yun. Hindi nga natin alam kung nangyayari siya sa totoong buhay. . .[a]

    [. . Some are saying that this was confirmed, and they have proof with them as well. Where is this proof?! In this advance age, if there's a picture, it should've spread. If you are rushed to E.R., you should have filled up some forms, payments. But they have nothing to show to prove our names were on it. There's no doctor sent in my house. It feels sad that we were created with such thing. If this is actually happening, even for normal people, would you like to go to hospital [in such state]? How about us public figures in which everything we do is being broadcast? I think it was non-sense. We even don't know if this actually happens in real life. . .]
    Other people suspected that the said story was made up to hype their new teleseryes, she defended,
    Kung gimik siya, definitely it didn't come from our end. Hindi ganyan mag-market ng artista ang Star Magic. Ako gusto kong makilala, mapansin yung talento ko. Not in this negative way. Gusto ko yung dapat napapanood nila, hindi puro chismis lang.[a]

    [If this is a gimmick, definitely it didn't come from our end. It's not the way how Star Magic market their artists. Me, I wanted to be recognized, noticed by means of my talent. Not in this negative way. I would prefer something people can watch, not just gossips.]