Malabon City's Satan over St. Michael Statue

When I heard this story, I became interested. As well as feared of course. Satan - stepping over St. Michael?! It's kinda funny to think. I thought the creator just sculpted it by mistake, but if it was a mistake, then why he made it that way?

. . . And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old Serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceived the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him . . .
-------Revelations 12:7-9

The verse is describing a war in heaven about how St. Michael the Archangel defeated Satan. That's the bases of all the famous paintings and statues of St. Michael picturing his boldness and strength, symbolizing the power of light over darkness. However, in a tomb in Malabon City, instead depicting the original scene, it was opposite. The statue shows a peculiar and dislikable position of the two. Like what I said - Satan was stepping over St. Michael.

Well, there are reasons why the owner wanted it that way. Actually, he was a religious person and has that thinking-out-of-the-box mind to symbolize and extend his sympathy to mankind. He even put somewhat like a short script of a play beside his tomb.

This statue was featured in some television shows in the Philippines. Rated K of ABS-CBN Channel 2 hosted by Ms. Korina Sanchez featured it.

By the way, the HE I'm talking about is the one buried in the tomb. Just read the whole article so you'll understand why I'm refering to him.

The Story

The person buried in the tomb is Don Simeon Bernardo of Barangay Concepcion. One reason that brought this story here in urban legend is the belief, and also the rumor of many people that this person was a satanist which, in fact, he isn't.

According to his grandson, Don Simeon was a religious man, and a very prayerful person. He also expressly wished to have the statue placed over his tomb as symbolism and as reminder that the society was continuously and slowly being engulfed by darkness, and that the devil is winning against goodness, and people is forgetting and setting God aside of their lives. Well, making the statue as his reminder, I can say, it was successful.

Behind Don Simeon Bernardo's becoming popular and bizarre statue, he also had a very sad story. He suffered a bitter life in Spanish Regime here in the Philippines. He was accused by being a filibusterer, and then put him in prison in Fort Santiago. He was also tortured their mercilessly, like some of the Katipunero's . They also made him believed that God doesn't exist and they indocrinated the belief of his children. Don Simeon died in 1934.[a]

Maybe that's the reason why he ordered to have the image.

Like what I said above, there was a script-like thing beside it (located in the left side if you are facing the tomb). This was supposed to be a dialogue if Lucifer (Satan) and St. Michael are talking with each other.

LUCIFER: Bakit ka nakikialam sa kaharian ko dito sa lupa(,) ay hindi na kayo kundi ako ang hari, ako ang nagturo kay Eva at Adan kaya nagkaroon ng sangkatauhan.

SAN MIGUEL: Ang lupa at langit ay gawa ng aking Panginoon, kaya hanggang dito ang aming kapangyarihan.

LUCIFER: Bulaan(g) hambog, kung ano ang ibig ko(,) siya ritong masusunod at hindi ang ibig mo - digmaan, arihan, dayaan, sugal, (at) lahat ng layaw ng katawan naibibigay ko sa tao, pati mga alagad ng mga Panginoon mo, napapasunod ko, ano pa ang ginagawa mo rito?

SAN MIGUEL (SA SARILI): Panginoon kong nasa langit nasaan ang kapangyarihan Mo?

SAN MIGUEL: Tao, tulungan ninyo ako na labanan ang kasamaan, pairalin ang katarungan at pagibig sa kapwa, iwasan ang kasakiman sa salapi at kapangyarihan na pinagmumulan ng ligalig. [b]
LUCIFER: Why were you intruding my kingdom here on earth, which you're not the ruler anymore? I am the one who taught Eve and Adam, that's why mankind emerge.

SAN MIGUEL (Saint Michael): The heaven and earth was both created by our Lord, so our powers even reaches here.

LUCIFER: Arrogant liar! What I wanted here should be obeyed, and not what you like. War, wealth, fraud, gambling, and all the bodily comforts - I can gave it to every mankind. I can even make your Lord's servants obey me. So what are you doing here?

SAN MIGUEL (TO HIMSELF): Oh my Lord God in heaven, where is Your power?

SAN MIGUEL: Human, help me fight the evil, let peace exist, and love your neigbors, avoid greediness to wealth and the power coming from bodily wants.

Many believed that the passage was taken from the bible, but back in his time (Spanish Era), commoners were not allowed by friars to hold a bible. Well, prettilly obvious that it has no basis in the bible - no verse.

By the way, if you wanted to visit, the Malabon Municipal Cemetery, which is connected to Caloocan Public Cemetery, is located at Barangay Tugatog, Malabon City and Sangandaan, Caloocan City. It's one ride from Monumento to Sangandaan.

The Rumor

Aside of the rumor that Don Simeon Bernardo was a satanist which is not true, there are also rumors pointing to the supernatural ability of the devil statue.

  • Some people claimed that the image was originally small, but it seemed that it was growing each year.

  • Well, the main reason why this rumor sprouted is that in late 1970's the original was replaced by the one we see now. The first was actually smaller, and it was replaced because people destroyed it.

  • They also claimed that the devil statue moves at night and terrorizes people. That's why it was put in prison. (Hehehe ...)

  • Definitely NOT TRUE. People hate the structure because of its frightening look. Thus, people may intentionally throw rocks just to destroy it. And maybe this rumor emerged because of some tricky imagination, and perhaps just to scare drug addicts or some bad guys there who still wander over the place even at night. The cemetery is in the middle of the city.

  • The statue changes position. What I mean is, St. Michael sometimes on the top of Satan, and vice versa.

  • I don't know how to explain that. My professor told me this rumor - he's from Malabon. They said that in some circumstances, goodness prevail over evil, then goes back if the latter prevail over the former.


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    2. ayon sa pagkakaalam ko eh hindi lang dyan nangyayari na si satanas ang nasa ibabaw,minsan sa pagsalin natin ng San miguel Gin makikita natin dun na nasa ibabaw si san miguel pero habang tumatagal at nauubos na ang laman eh mapapansin natin na si satanas na ang nasa ibabaw kapag ibinuhos mong lahat ang laman ng gin sa baso,si san miguel na ang nasa ilalim,dba tama po...!!!!

      1. OO, at ang talagang tirahan nya ay sa San Miguel, Manila. Doon sa loob ng Malacanang

    3. 2015: Sa kasalukuyan, ang istatwa ay makikita pa rin dun sa isang sementeryo sa Malabon. Walang katotohanan ang ibang rumor.... except, may nakapagpatunay na bandang 12:30 - 2am, pumapaibabaw si San Miguel na ang hawak nya ay isang palaspas, bandang 2-4am, nagbabago ang itsura ng demonyo na mas nakakatakot, at bago mag bukang liwayway, muling pumapaibabaw ang demonyo.. nangyayari yan ng miyerkules, byernes at sabado. May nakapagpatunay na sa loob ng kulungan na yun, nawawala ang demonyong istatwa, at naiwan lang si San Miguel bandang alas 2 ng hapon at bumabalik ng 3:30pm. Ang lugar na yan ay kinatatakutan.

      1. tutoo ba ito ? Sino ang witness? Mapuntahan nga.

      2. Marami kasing adik dyan sa loob ng cemetery na yan kaya pag high na high sila, kung ano-ano na ang pumapasok sa mga isip nila

    4. Wow... Just wow. First time ko to marinig.

    5. Magbasa Tayo NG dyaryo,makinig sa radio, at manood NG balita ..totoo at Tama si don Simeon Bernardo na Ang kasamaan Ang nangingibabaw sa mundong Ito..noong kanyang panahon hanggang n
      SA ngayon.


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