The Ghost in Ateneo de Manila University

Ateneo de Manila University was one of the oldest, and one of the most popular university in the Philippines. The main campus of ADMU is in Quezon City, just beside the Katipunan Avenue and near Loyola Memorial Park and Barangka Cemetery.

Anyway, we are not going to discuss everything about ADMU, however we will talk about the other side of this known university. I'm talking about the scary ghost stories which turned to urban legends. Actually, it is common to a wide and old university to possess such things that terrorizes students. Even though some of them believes, yet there were others who just ignore the rumors till they experience it, and finally they became one of the believers. Like UP, this university also has many buildings inside the campus. Each one has its own respective use, also, each has its own story.


[Taken from Internet:]

The Department of Communication Building

This building stands at Seminary Drive near the Manila Observatory.

It is considered to be the most haunted building of all in the ADMU, but most of the classes here have been moved to the newer Social Sciences building. They said, there was some what a portal inside the its studio where spirits enters our realm. The banyos (comfort room) in the Comm Dept are really spooky.

First Version:

There is this story that as a janitor was about to close the building, a guard pleaded him to use the banyo. The janitor agreed, and the guard went to the second floor to use the said room. After the guard left, the janitor checked the room, and found it completely magulo (messy). There were handprints of human waste all over the room. He immediately left the building and talked to the guard, who was clueless about the event. When the guard turned around, he was shocked to see that there was also a print on the guard's back.
Second Version:

The janitor, who had just finished cleaning the bathrooms, was about to lock up the building when a security guard asked if he could go inside to urinate. The janitor agreed and let the guard in. Minutes later, when the guard emerged, the janitor double-checked the second floor bathroom–and was met with the sight of the tile walls and floors covered in streaky handprints of human excrement. He ran back downstairs to confront the security guard, who was absolutely clueless. When the security guard turned to leave, the janitor was shocked to find another handprint, clearly pressed on the back of the guard's white uniform.

The two versions show the same story. Both have similar attendees - the janitor and the security guard.

[Taken from Internet:]

Other Haunted Buildings

Some say that a janitor haunts the building. He died when the air was sucked out of the building tp clear the chemicals.

Gonzaga Hall
The stairs are similar to the Sacred Heart. No matter how hard you try at night, you always end up at the Second Floor Landing!

Bellarmine Hall
They say Fr. Eliazo is always there.

High School
There is also a portal in the middle of the HS Covered Courts. In the middle of Court 4. Also There are reports of a ghost in every odd numbered batch of Days With The Lord.

Sacred Heart Novitiate Building
In the Sacred Heart Novitiate building, the story of the "stairs" is one that forces retreat-goers to go around in the "safety" of groups.

Legend has it that late one night, a group of students went downstairs to go "exploring" after the others had gone to sleep.

The frightening thing was that no matter how long they kept going down the flights of stairs from the 3rd floor dorm hall they occupied, they could not seem to find the ground floor landing.

Even more sinister was that they kept passing the same eerie painting of Christ at each floor landing, over and over again.