Filipino Celebrity Urban Legends

While I am reading articles about some outrageous and peculiar stories dealing with lives of Filipino celebrities, I was shocked and laughing at the same time. I can't help thinking that some of those were true, or if not, how did these stories came out? Some are a big scandal, some are annoying, some are scary and some are just very funny.

So it was true! When some gossip started, for example, from being caught holding hands in the set of taping, then the story circulated, and was added with another flavor of false story, at the end, they will fall to sex scandal. Just like urban legends. I'm loving it.

By the way, I will just record urban legends of celebs which I had read from news articles and gossip groups. And I don't intend to make shameful infos to whoever is on it.


[Taken from Internet:]
Here are six incredible and even preposterous urban legends on local celebrities: Snake Charmer
Celeb: Alice Dixson
First heard: Late ’80s.
The lowdown: Robina Gokongwei has a twin, a giant serpent, whose secret lair is located beneath Robinson’s Galleria. When it’s time to feed the snake, a trapdoor opens in one of the Galleria’s fitting rooms, sending one unlucky shopper down through a maze of pipes and into the snake-pit. One day, Alice Dixon was in the wrong fitting room at the wrong time. Lucky for her, the serpent fell in love with her and decided to let her go.

Truth factor: As likely as Alice resurrecting her career.
[Click Here for more of this.]

Lightbulb Moment
Celeb: Richard Gomez
First heard: Late ’80s.
The lowdown: Richard Gomez is Jaime Zobel de Ayala’s paid lover. In the course of one intercourse, Zobel shoved a light-bulb up Goma’s rectum because he’s that kinky. Unfortunately, the glass broke and poor Goma had to be rushed to the emergency room.

Truth factor: C’mon. Zobel, with all his riches, can afford to buy a titanium dildo. You actually think he’d use some cheap store-bought bulb?

In addition to that, I read another information dealing with the incident. They said, it was not the bulb who cause him to bring in a hospital, it was because of the hard f*ck of Zobel. I think it was a JOKE.

The Elevator Incident
Celeb: Gretchen Baretto
First heard: Early-to-mid ’00s.
The lowdown: Ting. Elevator door opens. In walks Gretchen Baretto, also known to her family as Satan, and her entourage of yayas and bodyguards. Another woman enters the elevator right after her. Deeming the woman unfit to be sharing the same space as her (and her Bulgari jewels), La Gretta proclaimed, “please tell this woman to get off my elevator”, to which the woman retorted, “please tell this woman to get off my building.” It turns out that the woman is Mrs. Yuchencho, a member of the clan who owns RCBC plaza. Exit la Gretta.

Truth factor: Smoke, fire, you know the cliche. Plus, she doesn’t really hide the fact that she’s an uber-bitch. [Click here for more]

Miss Hooker World
Celeb:Ruffa Gutierrez
First heard: Mid ’90s.
The lowdown: Ruffa Gutierrez may have lost the prized Miss World crown in 1993, but her exposure in that pageant helped turn her into a globe-trotting, world-class prostitute. With her mom as pimp, Ruffa snagged high-paying clients and eventually, settled down with Turkish mobster, Ylmaz Bektas.

Truth factor: You know there’s a little truth to it when the source is your distinguished law professor.

Pinay Winona Ryder
Celeb: Lucy Torres
First heard: Mid ’00s. The rumor spread January, 2005
The lowdown: Pretty, fair and demure Lucy Torres, wife of Richard Gomez (above), is a shoplifting freak. Her thievery has escalated to the point that she can’t shop without being followed by an assistant who pays for every item she’s lifted. A security camera at Rustan’s captured Lucy doing the Winona hand-trick and the footage found its way to the desk of Karen Davila. The Kapamilya station agreed not to air the video in exchange for unknown favors from Goma.

Truth factor: There’s something quite off with Lucy. Maybe this is it? [Click Here for more]

Death in Dos Palmas
Celeb: Rico Yan
First heard: 2002
The lowdown: On March 29, 2002, at the Dos Palmas resort in Palawan, bedimpled matinee idol Rico Yan, now Saint Rico, died due to “cardiac arrest following a rupture of the pancreas.” Those in the know, however, claim that Rico overdosed with a cocktail of illegal drugs and that on the night of his death, Rico banged a hooker who was delivered and paid for by his dear friends, Dominic Ochoa and Jana Victoria.

Truth factor: Isn’t it a little strange that they didn’t release his autopsy report? Hmm.

[Taken from Internet:]
The Vagina Lock
John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao

No doubt Filipinos love peculiar things happening to their celebrities. From the most annoying to the most personal things, all became part of Filipino gossip stories.

This urban legend happened just recently, that this two made love and his P was captured by her V. A doctor of a hospital witnessed this event when the two was brought there to get his P out of her V. [Click Here for more of this.]

The Mysterious Death of Julie Vega
Julie Vega (full name:Julie Pearl Apostol Postigo) was a very famous Filipino child actress, singer, and model. The cause of her death was rumored with a kind of Urban Legend. The reason is because she died abruptly as if there was no cause.

According to rumors, the cause of her death is the last horror movie she made. It was said she was cursed by some what a kind of engkantada when they created it in a province. The movie depicts her as a simple child daughter of a mortal woman and a demon (thus she is a half breed) and frequently being possessed by that demon.

Another rumor has it, a Spanish ghost was fond of her, that's why she (the ghost) took her innocent life. During the time when she was to be buried, a spirit-questor saw Julie Vega's soul floating over her coffin. She might be still alive at that time.

The Death of AJ Perez
Like Julie Vega, he was rumored also of a mysterious and not credible reason of death. They said, he died because of his connection with Rico Yan, his day of death and his age. Those are interconnected with each other, but because of imaginative analysis, of course they will arrive to something unbelievable.

Rep. Manny Paquiao Fight
What do you think why Rep. Manny Paquiao's winnings go respectively? According to text messages and of course - rumors, Mrs. Dionisia Paquiao, mother of Manny, sold her soul to devils, that's why he often win. Some, she casts unknown spells or prayers which energize him more.

Another rumor spread that instead Mrs. Dionisia Pacquiao sold her soul, she, with Rep. Manny Pacquiao, worshiped the devils, but because they stopped and praised God, he failed to win the fight against Bradley.

Another, whenever Rep. Paquiao wins, there will be a famous death next after the celebration of his victory. Pres. Cory Aquino and Marky Cielo were some of the sacrifices for his win. But OF COURSE, those are not true.

Just recently, another rumor about his loss against Timothy Bradley arose. According to it, every 16th fight by Manny Pacquiao always fall to loss. It started when he didn't win the fight against Rustico Torrecampo, happened February 9, 1996. Then, after 16th fight, he lost again. Medgoen Singsurat (September 17, 1999); Erik Morales (March 19, 2005); and the last was Timothy Bradley (June 9, 2012). Thus, on November, when the rematch will be hold, he probably win the fight.

Kris Aquino has a 666 nanochip in her body
She is a daughter of previous President Cory Aquino and Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. And sister to Pres. Benigno Aquino III. Kris is considered the Oprah Winfrey of the Philippines though she is white.

She was rumored with 666 inserted in her body. Well, I believe it was just a legend. This story is similar to Oprah Winfrey's, when she was also rumored with 666.

Zoren Legaspi's twin isn't his children
Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel had twin children - a boy and a girl. But according to some people, Zoren don't have the capacity to make a woman pregnant or baog in Filipino term.
So, the question is: whose the real father of the twin?
Well, they said, through artificial insemination or even through the natural copulation, they came from Aga Muhlach - also a father to a twin, and husband of Charlene Gonzales.

It was just a rumor though. So don't take it seriously.

Rita Avila is a Clone
Like Alice Dixson, she was also rumored in connection with the Half-Human Half-Snake of Robinsons Mall. But in her version, according to other people, the true her is already dead, and the Rita Avila that we see on TV now is a clone.

Vilma Santos' handkerchief
Have you ever wonder why Vilma Santos often handle a hankie? Its not only because it was her trademark, but because of some reason. Well, just because of that hankie, rumors went up. Some people would say that, the star for all season has a sweaty hands. She uses it to wipe her hands before touching or shaking hands with somebody else. Another story says, she was hiding a bulging vein in her hands. The first one is much more convincing, but actually, none of the two is correct. Since she was a child, her father always remind her to carry a hankie to wipe her pawis. And because that became her famous trademark, her fashion designers also give handkerchief to fit with the dress. That's all the main reason.

Romy Diaz - died of tongue cancer?
Romy Diaz was an actor known to his villain roles in movies. He was the younger brother of Paquito Diaz, and uncle to Joko Diaz.

Legend has it that this great actor and a good friend of Fernando Poe Jr., died of a tongue cancer. I have no idea about his death, but I'm still searching something that may lend credibility or disapprove such rumor.

Some movie actors died out of AIDS?

It was said that George Estregan, Rodel Naval, and Anthony Alonzo died because of AIDS. Is it true?

Well, George Estregan (or Jorge Marcelo Ejercito) died not because of AIDS. He died at the age of 49 because of bone cancer. NOT because of AIDS.

While Rodel Naval, who was famous of his "Lumayo ka man sa akin", we have few knowledge of what he was actually up to when he was still living. YES. He died of AIDS.

Anthony Alonzo didn't die of AIDS. He died because of skin cancer.



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  3. I remember watching"Lovingly Yours Helen,The Movie"as a kid when it first came out and Julie Vega's portrayal of a posessed girl was so real and convincing.It really scared the wits out of me back in the day.They say that a person who doesn't have Christ in his or her life is prone to real life demonic posession if they do this kind of portrayal.Watching it 19 years later,I came to a full realization that its not as scary as it used to be but I do believe that if Julie was still alive,I'm so sure she would have been one of the most important actresses of her generation.....Dylan David Elizalde Puzon .1V

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