Gretchen Barretto Elevator Incident

Most of the celebrities are known with their royal beauty to die for, while others are known with their talented skills in acting and singing. Being the people with the most influence to everybody, as the role model to their fans, no one is exempted in noticing their behavior. Attitude is the best advertiser to promote who you are. And for those in show business, this is the only thing they have to retain the fame.

I already knew this story ever since, but I can't find a whole article which delivers the truth behind the rumor. One thing's for sure, the celebrity involved was Gretchen Barretto.

I discovered that this incident happened late in 2004.

The Story

[Taken from the Internet:]

The Elevator Incident
Celeb: Gretchen Baretto
First heard: Early-to-mid ’00s.
The lowdown: Ting. Elevator door opens. In walks Gretchen Baretto, also known to her family as Satan, and her entourage of yayas and bodyguards. Another woman enters the elevator right after her. Deeming the woman unfit to be sharing the same space as her (and her Bulgari jewels), La Gretta proclaimed, “please tell this woman to get off my elevator”, to which the woman retorted, “please tell this woman to get off my building.” It turns out that the woman is Mrs. Yuchencho, a member of the clan who owns RCBC plaza. Exit la Gretta.
Truth factor: Smoke, fire, you know the cliche. Plus, she doesn’t really hide the fact that she’s an uber-bitch.

[Taken from the Internet:]

. . . Diumano, dumating si Gretchen sa RCBC Plaza building sa Makati isang araw dahil sa regular nitong schedule sa isang spa doon.

May apat na bodyguards daw laging kasama ang aktres at gusto raw nitong walang kasabay sa elevator.

Noong sumakay daw si Gretchen sa elevator, may isa nang may edad na babae na nakasakay doon.

Diumano, sinabi raw ni Gretchen ang mga ganitong mga salita:Guard, can you tell this old lady to step out of the elevator?

Na sinagot naman daw ng babae na:Guard, tell this social climber to step out of my building.

Ang balita daw noon, panganay na anak pala ng may-ari ng building ang nagpalayas kay Gretchen.

Simula raw noon ay banned na si Gretchen sa RCBC building.
. . . Allegedly, Gretchen was in the RCBC Plaza building in Makati City for her regular schedule in a spa there.

She was often seen with four bodyguards, and wanted to be alone inside an elevator.

As she went inside the elevator, an elderly woman was inside taking her lift.

Apparently, Gretchen said these:Guard, can you tell this old lady to step out of the elevator?

And was answered with:Guard, tell this social climber to step out of my building.

It was even rumored, that the eldest child of the owner of the building sent Gretchen out.

By then on, she was banned in RCBC building.


I never encountered any urban legend about Filipino celebrities who admits any rumor about them. Even the rumor about the vagina lock starring Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz, and the all time favorite Robinson Snake.

Back to Gretchen. A fan of hers asked the celeb about this issue:
Dear idol @gretchenbarretto I'm so frustrated about the RCBC elevator issue between you and the owner of the building! It's all over FB...

Is that true? I'm sure you have a good reason for what had happened then, coz I know in my heart that you are not what they are saying about you!

Gretchen just answered:@lil328 I'm sorry but that is not True.
Well, whether it was real or not, no body knows. Except if someone asks the owner if it really happened, or if there were any CCTV footage wherein Gretchen and the owner was depicted.

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