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The Ghost Taxicab

Taxicabs are one of the main transportation we can find in big cities. Unlike jeepneys and busses, taxis are more private, for-hire vehicles. What I mean is, taxis can only take limited passengers inside, not as much as that of the former two vehicles. They're also more comfortable compare to other passenger vehicles, because aside of being air-conditioned, they can bring you on locations of your own choice.

Anyway, I have read a lot of stories about taxicabs. Some of them are criminal in nature (a modus operandi), and some of them are ghostly. Two taxicab caught my attention, and it was owned by the Maligaya Taxi Cab and Malaya Taxi Company.


[Taken from Internet:]

It was late at night when a student from school, decided to hail a Maligaya Taxi Cab. Upon entering the vehicle, the student felt something uneasy and sudden chill on the spine, but just ignored and dismissed probably because of the cold breeze of night. She tried to make conversation with the driver which was unusually silent, but no chat was formed.

Arriving to her destination, she reached for her wallet in her bag for paying the fare. When she turned to the driver, his face was full of oozing blood from his head. Cause of fright, she ran out of the vehicle only to turn around and find that the taxi vanished.

[Taken from Internet:[1]]

The Ghostly Taxi Driver of Maligaya

I'm sure anyone would recall the story about a woman who hailed a maligaya taxi cab late one night from work. Upon entering the vehicle, the woman already felt a sudden chill on the spine but she dismissed that as probably caused by the coldness of the night. She tried striking a conversation with the driver who was unusually silent. As they reach her destination, she took her wallet in the bag for the fare and when she turned to the driver, he was headless... In sheer horror, she ran out of the vehicle only to turn around and find that the taxi was no longer there...

The taxi driver actually met a gruesome accident with the cab in total wreck. The number of the taxicab is 416. When the owner of Maligaya was asked about this issue, he just denied the story saying either the taxi does not exist or even if it did, the driver has retired.

[Taken from Internet:[2]]

Headless Maligaya Taxi Driver
Art of Jive Gerard Medina

Davao city, the exact date or year is yet unknown, late at night a woman hailed a taxi to get home. The Maligaya taxi, one of the major taxi operators in the city, stopped in front of her and the lady took a seat in the back of the vehicle. Suddenly she felt an unexplainable chill on her spine and the shivers got all over her. Because it was cold that night, the feeling was brushed off as insignificant and was not given any further thoughts. Along the way the woman tried to start a conversation with the driver but he remained silent until the destination was reached. The driver turned his head when she wanted to pay for the ride and asked for the fare, in sheer horror she saw that small streams of blood were flowing from his deformed head, completely terrified she jumped out of the car. After grabbing herself together she turned around and saw that the taxi was gone.

Later the woman learned of an urban legend about a Maligaya taxi, holding the number 416, that was involved in a gruesome accident that ended the cab as a total wreck. The driver got killed in the mishap, but it is presumed that his restless ghost was caught between two worlds and is still driving the car in and around Davao. The proprietor of the Maligaya Company absolutely denied the story, claiming the taxi with the number 416 never existed.

  • Some stories say that it was a mother, and a woman from work, instead of a student from school.

  • Instead of an oozing blood from the head of the driver, it was headless.

  • Some say, it was a ghost of the taxi driver who met a gruesome accident with the cab in total wreck.

  • Some versions include the number of the Taxi as 416.

  • [Taken from a Book:[3]]

    Taxi #45
    By: Ronald Gary Bautista

    Chris and Julie were walking down the bayside road that night. It was really dark and the first vehicle to pass was taxi. Chris waved for it to stop. The taxi stopped a few meters ahead of them. Chris approached it to talk to the driver. As he leaned down to look inside, he was horrified to find the taxi empty.

    Is it okay with the driver, Chris? Julie called out.

    Chris looked at his girlfriend. He turned back to the taxi and got even more terrified. The taxi was now full of people, their eyes staring fiercely at him. Chris couldn't bear it anymore and ran back to his girlfriend.

    Another vehicle stopped near them. When they saw that it was Gary, Chris immediately went inside and pulled his girlfriend in with him.

    I told you guys to wait for me at the beach party. It's not good to be walking along this road, Gary scolded the couple.

    Suspecting that Gary knew about the weird taxi, Chris asked his friend, Gary, what do you know about the taxi back there?

    BEEP! Gary honked the horn before answering. Two years ago, the Malaya Taxi Company's car number 45 had a terrible accident on this very road, said Gary.


    The driver died, along with his five passengers.


    After the accident, rumors ran rampant that taxi #45 was seen travelling this road.


    The Malaya Taxi Company denied that they produced another taxi unit with the same number, Gary continued.

    BEEP! How do you know all this? Chris asked Gary.

    I'm a journalism student, remember? I covered this story once, Gary replied.

    Gary dropped the couple at Chris' house and said, There's more. Some say that taxi #45 crosses the path of vehicles that travel the bayside road.

    Is that also true? Julie asked.

    They said that if taxi #45 passes by, you honk once, Gary answered.

    Chris said, Hey! Didn't you honk many times while we were on the bayside road?

    Yes! The taxi passed us five times tonight, and each time the taxi passed, one of them disappeared, Gary said.

    While we were on the bayside road, the five dead passengers appeared, Gary said in a whisper.

    What? You mean you saw the five passengers on the road? cried Julie.

    No, in my car! Gary said.


    Christopher Maynard, in his book Ghosts, enumerated six types of ghosts. One of them is the Replay Ghosts. Now and then, if a death involves powerful emotions, a new ghost is created. It lingers on haunting the place for centuries. They can be children, adults, animals, even cars, planes, and ships. These ghosts inhabits the place where they die or is buried in tragic or violent circumstances. They act out an event over and over. It might be the details of a crime or an everyday routine.[4] They are not dangerous, but they are absolutely scary.

    If you notice, the description given by Christopher Maynard is similar to that of the Malaya and Maligaya Taxicabs. They both act an everyday routine.

    When I searched for Malaya Taxi Company, I found nothing. The only thing that pops in Google is the horror story of Mr. Ronald Gary Bautista. I can't find any information of the said company. (If some of you knew anything about them, you can e-mail me or comment below.)

    On the other hand, I found something about the Maligaya Company. It was one of the main taxi operators in Davao City, which means the urban legend spread first there.

    [3]The Best of True Philippine Ghost Stories. 2008. PSICOM Publishing Inc. ISBN 978-971-0372-85-0. Quezon City, Philippines.
    [4]Informania: Ghosts. Christopher Maynard. ISBN 0-7636-1114-X.

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    The Dangerous Medical Student Prank

    I am not a medical student, but I am aware that they use cadavers for their study. I don't know what they actually do with it, well except that they dissect it to have a hand with the human internal organ. I personally experienced dissecting a body, but of a frog not of a human, in my biology class, and it was disgusting. Thus, dissecting human body is 100 times more disgusting than of a frog.

    Anyway, seeing a person frightened is sometimes funny. Girls are scared of cockroaches and spiders, or any other insects, and I sometimes enjoy seeing them run away from it. Bullies use phobias to intimidate other people.

    I am actually a necrophobic and a claustrophobic. I really really don't like closed places because I feel I can't breathe, and I am very very scared seeing personally and in picture or even by just imagining corpses. I will definitely be driven crazy with those phobias. I'm scared of rat, but its not as extreme as that of my phobias.

    I can relate on the legend were about to discuss, because, like the main character in the story, I can be deranged with corpses.

    In my estimate, the story circulated in the midst of 1990's. But according to my professor, this legend is actually true. The students in the story studies somewhere in Manila. Obviously, the school must have a hospital and/or medical course. However, as I researched everything about it, I found an article with prank closely similar to the Philippine medical student prank. The only difference is, how the prankster did the prank.


    [Taken from Internet:[1]] Philippine Version

    A group of medical students decided to play a harmless prank on their easily-frightened classmate. They planned a special study session to be held in the cadaver room with their intended victim. When the girl arrived for the session and found no one in the cadaver room, she thought she was too early and decided to read her notes. The rest of her group mates were actually hiding and they switched the lights off. The girl screamed and screamed to no avail and then she stopped. After a while the pranksters began to wonder what happened. Upon turning the lights on, they were shocked to see their hapless classmate gnawing on a piece of the cadaver.

    It was afternoon, when a female nursing student took his lunch out alone. After finishing her meal, she went straight to her next subject in the school laboratory. The laboratory contains five dissecting tables with corpses on it. She arrived there alone. She thought it was too early, so she took her book, seated in one side and read their lesson.

    She heard a deep sigh of someone else inside the room. She gave a look on her surrounding to identify if someone's with her, then she realized she was alone. A minute later, she heard the door lock clicked, as if it locked by itself. Then the lights turned on and off. Because of the lights turning on and off, the whole room became dim. She went to the door and forced it open. She saw something moving in her peripheral vision. She took a glance on it, and she saw one of the corpses seating in the dissecting table covered with the blanket. She was screaming very loud.

    On the other side of the door, her classmates were laughing. They didn't open the door until the girl stopped screaming. One of her classmates, who was playing as the corpse seating in the table, called the others. They opened the door and they switched the light on. And they found their classmate gnawing herself.

    [Baughman, 1945:[2]] Foreign Version

    This story took place in a hospital which was quite near Bowell, and concerned a nurse, called Jane in the story. For some reason Jane was unable to get along with the other nurses in the hospital, and was constantly quarreling with people. They purposely did things to annoy her because they felt she deserved it. One night after Jane had been particularly trying, they decided to do something particularly unpleasant. One of the nurses on surgery duty agreed to bring an arm which had been amputated that day to Jane's room and slip it in her bed after she was asleep. They knew this would frighten her, but they thought perhaps it might force her to be more agreeable in the future.

    The arm was carefully and quietly put in the bed and Jane did not wake up. The next morning she did not appear, and no sound came from her room. The nurses, thinking she might be sick, went to investigate. They opened the door slowly and saw Jane sitting on the bed. Her hair, which had been black, was now completely white, and she was gnawing on the arm, making low gurgling noises all the while.


    Both legends above have almost the same style of story.

    In the Philippine version, the classmates of the main character organized a fake group study in the cadaver room. They turned off the light just to scare the student. After a minute of screaming, they switched on the light and they found their classmate chewing a cadaver.

    In the second Philippine version, a group of student organized a prank to a lone classmate. In the end, similar to the first one, she was driven crazy and was found gnawing herself instead of a cadaver.

    While in the foreign version, they bullied a nursing student by putting a decapitated hand of a cadaver and placed it with the student. It was morning when they found her gnawing the hand and her hair changed its color to white. Actually, I only included here one foreign legend because it was the oldest version of the said prank. The earlier stories have almost the same account compared to the Philippine version, but the difference is they just put a cut hand or leg of a corpse.

    The second story is actually my reconstruction based on my interviews and from my friends. My version is completely scary if done in real life because someone played as a fake living/moving corpse.

    Anyway, according to, the legend became well known back in 1920's. All of the legends of it have the same element of madness which is reserved to the female medical or nursing student.

    However, there is doubt on the origin of the Philippine version because of their difference though both are pranks.

    Last Updated: February 20, 2014


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    Someone's in the Backseat

    Some urban legends came from a real-life experience of a true person. When somebody started to spread it, those people who usually hear it will change the original either intentional or unintentional. Unintentional in a way that they may had forgotten some of the details. Intentional because the tale teller added something to make it much more interesting. Obviously, that's how gossips circulate too.

    The 'natural crime' themed urban legends, compared to others, have a great possibility that they might had originated from a fact. Stories of how a serial killer slay someone or when they usually attack becomes urban legend, well as a warning to everyone. If you had read the article here entitled The White Van and Green Van, you will notice how it greatly affects the mind of the public. That's one notable example of an urban legend that might had derived from a real-life story.

    Anyway, the urban legend were about to confer is a story which is comparable to a foreign urban legend with a title, Killer in the Backseat.


    [Brunvand Version (1981):[1]]

    A woman living in the city [Salt Lake] was visiting some friends in Ogden. When she got into her car in front of this friend's house, she noticed that a car started up right behind her car. It was about 2:00 in the morning, and there weren't any other cars on the road. After she had driven to the highway, she began to think that this car was following her. Some of the time he would drive up real close to her car, but he wouldn't ever pass. She was really scared to death and kept speeding to try to get away from him.

    When she got to Salt Lake, she started running stop lights to get away from him, but he would run right through them too. So when she got to her driveway she pulled in really fast, and this guy pulled in right behind her. She just laid on the horn, and her husband came running out. Just then, the guy jumped out of the car, and her husband ran over and said, "What the hell's goin' on here?" So he grabbed the guy, and his wife said, "This man's followed me all the way from Ogden." The man said, "I followed your wife because I was going to work, and as I got into my car, I noticed when I turned my lights on, a man's head bob down in her back seat." So the husband went over to her backseat, opened the door, and pulled this guy from out of the backseat.

    Here's the Philippine version of the urban legend.

    [Taken from Internet:[2]]

    A man was driving alone along a dark road in the middle of the night (some say it is Balete, others do not specify). He noticed another car behind him. Nothing strange there. But after a while, he noticed that the car was still there and seemed to be following him. To be sure, he took a series of turns. But the car was on his tail, what more he kept on flashing the headlights. The guy decided to stop the car and confront the driver. The driver of the car that was following him immediately got off his car white-faced.

    "Pare, kanina pa kita pinatatabi kasi merong babae sa likuran ng kotse mo na may dalang kutsilyo na tinututok sayo. Pero nung nag-flash ako ng headlight biglang nawala."
    Pare, I've been trying to tell you to stop because I saw a girl at your back pointing a knife at you. But I flashed my headlights, then it vanished suddenly.

    Note: Pare - buddy; pal


    I included a version of Jan Brunvand's because it's one of the oldest and most original recount of the legend.

    The killer in the backseat urban legend is actually one of the common legends in United States and United Kingdom. Carlos Drake, a folklorist, is the first one who noted it in 1968.

    All the versions of it have one similar flow of story. The enumerated the variation.

    According to the said website, the story might originally been prompted by a real news. In 1964, in New York, one murderer escaped from the jail. He hid in the backseat of a car which belongs to a police detective. The police then shot the escaped murderer.

    The story always have three main characters: the car driver who is supposed to be the victim; the hero/heroine who warns the car driver; and the killer/madman in the backseat. Versions just differ in settings (E.g. gas station and in the road).

    Actually, I don't know how it came here in the Philippines. One story of it even includes the name of Ms. Korina Sanchez. Fortunately, someone debunk the story and now people accepted it as false.

    I entitled the article Someone's in the Backseat, because here in the Philippines, its not only killers who hides or intrudes the backseat but also the ghosts. Funny, but I found stories like that.

    Back Seat Passenger[3]
    By: DarK_eYes_Mikko

    This happened to me when I was working as a salesman covering the South Luzon area during October of 1996.

    After a full day's work with my distributor, I was driving alone around 11 p.m. from Batangas City to Manila. I had the radio on and was cruising over the part of the highway right after the Bauan shortcut. I usually get goose bumps when I pass that area and that night was no different.

    I suddenly smelled sampaguita and burning candle wax in the car. I don't have a car freshener because my wife's allergic to them. The hair on the back of my neck stood and my head felt like it was getting bigger. I tried not to mind it but when I glanced at the rear view mirror, I caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure in the back seat. I looked at the road in front before glancing again at the rear view mirror to make sure there was really someone (or something) there.

    Knowing that I could get into an accident if I panic, I calmed myself. I don't scare easily but I am cautious. I told the being to spare me and to not startle me because I feared getting into an accident. I told it that my kids were waiting for me at home. I then recited the Our Father and Hail Mary prayers. After the Amen, the figure vanished. The heaviness in my head went away.

    I stopped at the nearest 24-hour gas station to collect my wits. There,the night manager and several gas boys asked why I was so pale and shaken. I told them what happened.

    They revealed to me that that dark stretch of road I just passed was the scene of many accidents - from people ran over by big trucks and speeding cars to collisions between cars. Several motorists have reported to have had shadowy passengers in their vehicles. Some survivors of accidents even said that the ghostly back seat passenger started them, causing them to get into their accidents. The store manager and the gas boys advised me to stay a couple of minutes before resuming my journey. I waited for an hour before driving off.

    Nowadays, I avoid going home alone late from Batangas.

    [3]True Philippine Ghost Stories Book 8. 2004. PSICOM Publishing Inc. ISBN 971-0372-06-8. Quezon City, Philippines.

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    The Legend of Nora Aunor

    Walang himala! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao! Tayo lang ang gumagawa ng himala! Walang himala!
    There's no miracle! Miracle is in the heart of a person! We're the one who makes miracle! There's no miracle!"
    I don't know if the line I quoted is correct, but surely it's near to the right one.

    That's my favorite line in a 1982 Filipino Film entitled Himala (Miracle) starred by Ms. Nora Aunor who played the role of Elsa. The first time I watched the movie, it fascinated me. The story definitely pictures the attitude of Filipinos when it comes to 'miracle'. It shows how Filipinos' faith is, and the way how they react with it.

    This movie was the first and only Filipino film ever to qualify in the Competition Section of the Berlin International Film Festival (1983). For its international accolades, it bagged 1983's Bronze Hugo Prize at the Chicago International Film Festival.[1] In 2008, it was chosen by CNN as one of ten best Asian films of all times, and was awarded as the CNN APSA Viewers Choice Award for Best Asia-Pacific Film of all Time. Just this year (2013), the movie was restored and premiered in the 69th Venice International Film Festival under the Venizia Classici Section.

    That's enough for praising the movie. I just can't help myself because it was my favorite classic Filipino film. We'll actually be discussing one of the urban legends where Ms. Nora Aunor was the main character. By the way, who is Ms. Nora Aunor? (For our international readers.)

    Ms. Nora Aunor (real name Nora Cabaltera Villamayor) was born on May 21, 1953 in Baryo San Francisco, Iriga, Camarines Sur. Her parents are Eustacio Villamayor and Antonia Cabaltera. She is a critically acclaimed Filipino actress, recording artist, and film producer.[1] Filipinos call her The Superstar. No doubt that she is suited to her nickname.

    In 1970, a film entitled Lollipops and Roses was starred by a Filipino actress and a Hollywood actor - Nora Aunor and Don Johnson, respectively. The movie was produced by Premiere Production and it was one of the most expensive movies shot in Hollywood.

    Who is Don Johnson?

    Don Johnson (or Donnie Wayne Johnson) is an American actor and recording artist, born on December 15, 1949. Best known for his lead role as James "Sonny" Crockett in the 1980s television series, Miami Vice.

    Nora Aunor was only 17 years old when she made the movie with Don Johnson, who was at that time was already 21 years old. Aside of the two, Victor "Cocoy" Laurel, son of Senator Laurel, and Davy Jones, a recording rock 'n roll artist of the The Monkees, also starred in the movie.


    There is one question at that time: Did Don Johnson really fell in love with Nora Aunor?

    According to, some of the show business writers and the Filipino fans of Ms. Nora Aunor insisted that the Hollywood actor - Don Johnson fell in love with the brown doll. This rumor certainly symbolizes the popularity of the movie to Filipinos.[2]

    Well, if you can watch the movie you might even think that the white guy is certainly in love with the cute Nora.

    As the rumor goes, Nora, at that time, was nursing a broken heart after her breakup with Tirso Cruz III. Thus, Don was at the right place and at the right time. He courted Guy and they had a short fling. Then, it ended when Nora returned to the Philippines and they never saw each again.[2]

    Now, the question is: Is it true?


    According to an interview with Nestor de Guzman, the editor of the book Nora Aunor Sa Mga Noranian: Mga Paggunita at Pagtatapat, he revealed that the rumor is a mere fiction, just an urban legend. Don Johnson is just her co-star no more, no less. Actually, Nora find her famous co-star, Davy Jones more likable than Don.[3]

    Aside of the movie Lollipops and Roses, Nora also starred in another movie - The Singing Filipina by Tower Productions. She co-starred with an Indian international actor named Sajid Khan. Nestor revealed that the two had 'something' at that time. What I mean of 'something' is that they developed a 'mutual understanding'. When Nora returned home, Sajid followed her but Nora have no time of seeing him for some important reason. Sajid returned without seeing her personally.[3]

    Well, that 'important reason' is her secret meeting with Tirso Cruz III, which at that time should not be seen together by anybody else because of the problem between the Sampaguita Pictures and Tower Productions.


    There are other urban legends about Nora Aunor which are difficult for me to create another article, especially I wasn't born yet at the time of her stardom. All I know about this cute little lady came from reading books and internet articles and/or websites. The website made two more urban legend stories - the Operation: Kumbento and the Lucky 12 and Superstar Phenomenon. Well, I think, I should not mimic those articles and put it here.

    Anyway, I heard another (I don't know if it was scary or cute) rumor about the blonde-haired, child-sized doll given by Pip to Nora as symbol of their love.

    Pip (real name Tirso Silvano Cruz III) was born on April 1, 1952. He is a Filipino actor and singer. He is one of the famous actors in Philippine show business. He is once famous for being Nora Aunor's real lover and stage lover. Pip came from a famous musical family from Tondo.

    As said by the rumor, the doll frowns whenever the two breaks-up or have problem in their relationship. I don't know when this thing started. Obviously, it is just an urban legend. It is a creation of imagination, and if I estimate the time when this story spread, I guess, when Nora Aunor is having a problem with Sampaguita and Tower.

    Nora originally was a Sampaguita talent in 1967. She did only supporting roles in Sampaguita movies. It was Tower Productions that launched Nora to full stardom in 1969 with D' Musical Teenage Idols. In Nora's next movies with Tower, she was paired with Tower's contract star Manny de Leon. [. . .]

    [. . .] after Tower learned of the frequent secret rendezvous of Nora and Tirso, Tower put a tight security on Nora to prevent her from seeing Tirso and the fans of their love team.
    Tirso, that time, was in Sampaquita Pictures. Thus, seeing him together with Nora will destory Nora-Manny love team.

    And the rest is history.


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    Cat Walk Wish (Part 3)

    Cat Walk Wish (Part 3)

    I arrived in the classroom, and my teacher was standing in front of my classmates, as if he arrived seconds before I came.

    "I'm sorry. I'm late." I said, then I walked straight to my table.

    "Why are you wet?" My teacher told me. All my classmates were staring at me. I didn't answer. I just took my towel off my bag.

    As I dry my face, my hair in my nape was standing. I felt like someone was breathing behind me. Then when I took off the towel in my face, I saw something behind my teacher. I closed my eyes again to clear up my sight, then I opened. Nothing was in there, so I sighed. Maybe my eyes were tired.

    The whole subject even though interesting for me, became boring eventually. My eyes were very heavy, as if they wanted to go off my sockets. I don't like the feeling of forcing yourself to be awake. It was a very hard time.

    I cut classes after that. I knew I can't make it till the whole day finishes, so I went home. My parents weren't there, all of them were working. I went to my room, then I slept. It was still 9am.

    [Click here to continue.]

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    Mt. Cristobal: Devil's Mountain

    The first article I created here about Mt. Banahaw is the rumored Alien Abduction. Some hikers just vanished in the mountain, and never been found yet. The Mt. Banahaw is also considered by many as a holy mountain. Almost everything on it is considered holy - hot springs which they believe are made up of holy water; caves and many more. Pilgrimage is done in this mountain especially every Lenten Season in the Philippines.

    However, Yang is incomplete without its counterpart - Yin. Mt. Cristobal, as opposed to Mt. Banahaw, was considered a Devil's Mountain by local residents and even mountain hikers. There were countless horror stories and legends surround the said mountain.

    Mt. Banahaw is located at the northeastern side of Mt. Cristobal. They were connected mountains but both stands in different provinces - the latter in Laguna and the former in Quezon. It got its nickname because locals believe that it absorbs the negative energy coming from Mt. Banahaw. According to pilgrims and/or mountain hikers, the Mt. Banahaw gives you a calm, peaceful and relaxing feeling, while Mt. Cristobal gives you the opposite - creepiness. Thus, the mountain harbors ghosts and the devil himself. (Perhaps.)


    The usual trail used by hikers in Mt. Cristobal is the Dolores Trail. The trails starts upon entering the Brgy. Kinabuhayan which is also the starting point to Mt. Banahaw. There were other trails people can use, however not often used because of its complicated route.

    The first story is about the Lost Couple/Lover.

    [From an Internet:]

    There was this couple who went on midnight hike in Mt. Cristobal. They took accidentally an unusual trail of the mountain which at that time, was not yet known. Even if the weather is threatening because of a storm and there was a zero-visibility, they still continued their hike. They got lost when they arrived in a point where there was a dividing trail. They took the left way of it. At that time, it was not yet known that the proper trail to take is the right one. The left trail is a deadly trail, thus they never made it to the campsite.

    Because they made on a midnight hike, the registration was closed. According to local folks, the two were not found till now. No one even went there to find them as well.

    Legend has it that, they show themselves to hikers who were lost and because they want a companion. [1]

    I have a query with the story:
  • If they were unregistered and the fact that they just vanished, then how did somebody knew their story?

  • Here is the story about a group of hikers who encountered this couple.
    A group of hikers and a guide went on an unusual trail. They happened to pass on a small cottage of 5 family members. The head of the said family adviced them to leave the only girl in the group, but she declined on it. They continued hiking. After hours ago, the guide told them that he can go as far as first half of the trek. After paying their guide they continued again. However, they arrived in a forked trail and their guide hadn't told them about it. They decided to divide their group where each one will take the other half. As they debated who will join on each group, a couple stumbled upon them. They helped them choose the correct trail. They took the left way. For hours they followed the couple even when the sky dimmed and night was approaching. A sudden rain fell and the trail started to become muddy.
    Suddenly, their flash lights turned off simultaneously. They still tried to follow the couple. When the lights went on, the couple vanished and one of their members met an accident. He was hanging on a cliff. Fortunately, he was saved. [1]