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Cat Walk Wish (Part 2)

Cat Walk Wish (Part 2)

The next day, I went to the old garden again. I sat in the deserted bench where I sat the last time I went there. I felt good and relaxed - especially I was picked by the couch of the college basketball.

Minutes later, I heard a voice again. I ignored it. I thought it was normal in the place. Well, last time the same voice was badgering me. It kept calling at me, so I looked to the cat-walk. Upstairs, I found my friend, sitting in his wheelchair. "Hey!" He said. "Congratulations. I'm very proud of you." After he spoke, I went upstairs but not to talk to him. Instead, I just passed over him. I went straightly to my classroom. I waited at him, but he didn't come. Our teacher was in the classroom preparing to discuss our lesson, but still he's no where to be found.

Three subjects passed but he's still no where. I felt worried. I left him in the old garden, in the cat-walk. I became exaggerated. I was thinking something bad happened to him. So I decided to go back there, but before I can make it to the exit, I found him approaching. I felt relieved. Then I went back to my table.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Songs are created by songwriters to express their feelings, to tell their stories, and to say their disappointments for something. All of the songs are meaningful - they may expressly or impliedly say something from within.

One of our viewers suggested a topic to me through e-mail. She asked me to create an article on a song with a hidden meaning on it or backmasking. I became interested, so I begun searching songs with hidden meanings. There were many, but only one caught my attention - the Spolarium of Eraserheads.

The Song

The song Spolarium was written and performed by the Eraserheads, and was included in their album - Sticker Happy. The song was allegedly hiding something puzzling behind the poetical lyrics. People who hear it might not understand instantly what was in there if they don't know the story. On the other hand, people may also misunderstand the song if not gently inspected and studied.

Now, let's have the lyrics of the said song.

[Taken from Internet:[1]]

By: Eraserheads

Dumilim ang paligid
May tumawag sa pangalan ko
Labing isang palapag
Tinanong kung okay lang ako
Sabay abot ng baso
May naghihintay
At bakit ba pag nagsawa na ako
Biglang ayoko na

At ngayon di pa rin alam
Kung ba’t tayo nandito
Pwede bang itigil muna ang pagikot ng mundo

Lumiwanag ang buwan
San Juan
'Di ko na masasakyan
Ang lahat ng bagay ay gumuguhit na lang sa 'king lalamunan
Ewan mo at ewan natin
Sinong may pakana
At bakit ba tumilapon ang gintong alak dyan sa paligid mo

At ngayon 'di pa rin alam
Kung ba’t tayo nandito
Pwede bang itigil muna ang pagikot ng mundo

Umiyak ang umaga
Anong sinulat ni Enteng at Joey dyan
Sa gintong salamin
'Di ko na mabasa
Pagkat merong nagbura ahhh…

Ewan mo at ewan natin
Sinong may pakana
At bakit ba tumilapon ang spolarium dyan sa paligid mo?

At ngayon di pa rin alam
Kung bakit tayo nandito
Pwede bang itigil muna, ang pagikot ng mundo
Pwede bang itigil muna, ang pagikot ng mundo
Pwede bang itigil muna, ang pagikot nga mundo

By: Eraserheads

The surroundings dimmed
Someone called my name
Eleven(th) floor(s)
And asked if I was okay
While handing me a glass
Someone was waiting
And why is it when I’ve had enough
Suddenly I don’t want it anymore

And now, I still have no idea
Why we're here
Can we please just stop the earth from revolving

The moon shone
San Juan
I may not be able to ride (on it)
Everything is just drawing a line (trailing) across my throat
You don’t know and we don’t know
Who did it
And why did the golden liquor spill all around you.

And now I still have no idea
Why we are here
Can we please stop just for now, the world from revolving

The morning cried
What did Enteng and Joey write
In the golden mirror
I can’t read anymore
Cause someone erased it ahh…

You don’t know and we don’t know
Who did it
Why did the spolarium spill all around you?

And now I still have no idea
Why we are here
Can we stop it for now, the world from revolving
Can we stop it for now, the world from revolving
Can we stop it for now, the world from revolving

Meaning of Terms

The title Spolarium (misspelled from the real term Spoliarium) was actually a 19th century painting of our hero - Juan Luna. The painting is now displayed in the Malacanang Palace. It depicts a picture of a scene in a Roman Coliseum with soldiers dragging cadavers of gladiator out of it. The painting signifies the death or absence of freedom or the loss of hope of a country.

The Spoliarium, in Latin, is a word referring to the basement of the Roman Colosseum where the fallen and dying gladiators are dumped and devoid of their worldly possessions.[3]

Other than that, there were also other obvious words in the song that might imply something important.

According to a website[1], these are the words he considered are important facts of the song.
  • San Juan
    This might refer to a place. The verse 'Di ko na masasakyan (I may not be able to ride on it.) might tell you a clue of a jeepney routing to the place named San Juan.

  • The word gumuguhit
    Gumuguhit came from the simple verb guhit which means to draw. However, the song didn't really mean to draw. Gumuguhit is actually a kind of feeling - sensing something sharp that trails across your throat, especially if you're drinking a liquor.

  • Enteng and Joey
    Enteng is a name presumed to be Vic Sotto, as it was his name in his popular fantasy movie, Enteng Kabisote. And Joey is Joey De Leon. They are two famous comedic icons in the Philippine entertainment scene or more appropriate mass culture. (You can still watch them every noon of Monday to Saturday on Eat Bulaga in GMA Channel 7.)
  • The Alleged Story

    Some people said that the song was actually telling us the story of Pepsi Paloma who was said to be a rape victim. They said the rapist was Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon and Richie D'Horsie.

    She was given a liquor till drunk. When her consciousness was lost, she was raped.

    The case happened in 1982. Joey de Leon along with Vic Sotto and Richie D'Horsie made headlines when underage actress Pepsi Paloma accused the trio of gang raping her. The case was settled out of court and the trio made a public apology to Paloma. According to Pepsi Paloma, it was mainly Tito Sotto who coerced her to sign the affidavit of desistance to throw out the filing of the rape case, which is punishable by death penalty at that time. Justice was stopped from moving when the comedians humbly made a public apology to the judge to where they admitted to the crime committed to the starlet. Paloma committed suicide by hanging herself afterwards in 1985, due to the trauma she experienced from the hands of the comedians.[2]

    There were rumors that Pepsi didn't actually committed suicide, instead she was killed to stop her from testifying in court.

    As the Spolarium resembles an absence of freedom, Pepsi's death indicates the absence of justice.

    The True Story

    It wasn't actually about the case of Pepsi Paloma. Yes, the story of the song did happen but wasn't connected to the prior sad story.

    In fact, it was telling us about how a drinking spree started.
    It was evening, Ely Buendia was about to go home. Then he was called out by somebody on the eleventh floor of a condo in San Juan (particularly in Unit 1108 of that condominium). He was asked if he's alright (as it was our habit, saying Kamusta? or How are you?). Somebody hand him a glass of liquor. He stayed there till morning.

    The gintong alak (golden liquor) is a Goldshlagger. Enteng was one of the Eraserheads' roadies that time; Joey a.k.a. Cowpunk, a classmate of Raims, was a member of the Eraserheads' posse. Thus, the song didn't have any connection with Vic Sotto as Enteng and Joey as Joey de Leon. What the two wrote using their hands in the mirror was Ely's true name but slightly erased. So he can't read it properly.

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    Cat Walk Wish

    Cat Walk Wish

    Wishes are created for good things. Wishes are not meant to overcome envy.

    That's the lesson I learned when I was in high school. A kind of experience that no one would ever forget brought me to that conclusion. ENVY is one of the seven deadly sins. I can say it is the most deadly of all. Comparing is the symptom of envy; and envy itself is the disease.

    I studied in a private school. It was a good and ideal academy every child would like to be in. Teachers were great. They were patient in dealing with their students, and diligent in feeding the knowledge they would like to share to children. The buildings were also great. The ambiance is very pleasing. The field was full of green grass, and you often see students enjoying companionship and playing games to utilize time. I was always staring this attractive view from the window in the fourth floor of the main building.

    Well, like other schools in the whole world, folklores and urban legends exist to complete the ingredients of being an unforgettable alma mater. I remember that stairway in the old garden at the back of the main building of my school which we called "cat walk" - that thirty series of steps with an antiquely look at first glance. It was said that whoever climbs up that stairs with eyes closed counting from one to thirty and you got the thirty first-step, your wish will be granted after saying this chant four times: “Cat O Cat. I know you are here. Please grant me the wish I always wanted to get."

    I didn't actually believe in that lore. Only dumb people would accept it as true.

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