List of Urban Legends

List of Urban Legends


I. Urban Legends (Natural)

a. Celebrity, Heroes and Others (Urban Legends)
b. Crime (Urban Legends)
c. Historical (Hoax) d. Jeane Dixon's Prophecy to the Philippines
e. Cat - as the main ingredient of Siopao
f. Tide is the devil's detergent
g. A jellyfish attack causes Luzon wide blackout
h. Karaoke: Made in the Philippines?
i. The Secret of University of Santo Tomas
j. Spolarium
k. Malabon City's Satan over St. Michael Statue
l. Did he really do it ... or just an accident
m. Smiling Horse in a Beer
n. The Yamashita Treasure
o. The Little Thing Called Kisses

II. Urban Legends (Supernatural)

a. Mystery (Urban Legends)
b. Ghosts and White Ladies (Urban Legends)
c. Aliens (Urban Legends)
d. Monster (Urban Legend) e. Curse (Urban Legend)

III. Urban Legends (Health)

a. Sigbins are the cure for AIDS
b. AIDS/HIV patients injects moviegoers with his/her blood
c. A Woman with a Lump in Her Tongue
d. Cortal + Coke = Abortion
e. Dirt in McDonald's Foods
f. The Dirty Straw of Fast Food Restaurants in the Philippines
g. Kentucky Fried Chicken Rat Tail
h. Vile Burger Patties

IV. Urban Legends (Foreign)

a. Hate Letter to Filipinos
b. Top 10 Reasons Why There Won't Be a Filipino US President
c. The Hoax of Manny Villar's US Mansion

V. Stories, News, and Other Issues

a. White Lady, Black Lady, Red Lady and Brown Lady
b. Babala: May Isa pa Para Sayo (Warning: There's One more for You)
c. The Train Ride
d. Ghost
e. Village in Manila City Bears The Mark Of The Beast
f. Bangungot - Real? ... or Myth?
g. A Friend's Hidden Secret
h. Pasma - Real? ... or Myth?
i. Usog - Real? ... or Myth?
j. January 24, 1998 Aswang News in Caloocan City
k. Cat Walk Wish
l. Cat Walk Wish (Part 2)
m. Hell is ... Real?
n. Do Animals have Ghost?
o. Cat Walk Wish (Part 3)
p. Cat Walk Wish (Part 4)
q. Anniversary of December 21, 2012
r. The Black Nazarene
s. No. 14 Laperal
VI. Other known Urban Legends
a. Taho Vendors mix Cement on Taho
b. Palawan Vampire Family
c. La Vista, Quezon City Scary Entity
d. A Child with a Fish Twin
e. Minda Mora
f. The Old Lady in her Shoulder
g. The Double Walker Ghost
h. The Student and his Volkswagen
i. "Help me, I'm in Hell."
j. Party of the Dead