Saving a Faithful Girl

For Christians, Muslims and Jews, angels are Godly beings who, according to bible, are said to be messengers, soldiers, guardians, healers, avengers, etc. They all have their own jobs in heaven. St. Gabriel the Archangel is a messenger, St. Michael the Archangel is a soldier, and St. Raphael the Archangel is a healer. I don't really know the exact number of known angels, but one thing is for sure, if ever it is true that each of us have guardian angels then they are much many than our population.

I love discussions about heavenly beings, but it's not the subject for today's urban legend. One of my classmates told me a story of someone who was saved from being raped by just praying to God for safety.

I think it could be better if I tell you the version I heard.

The Story

It was passed midnight when this girl, who was working as a call center agent, went home alone from her graveyard-shift job. Her friends invited her for a ride home, but she declined because it was too far. It could be a waste of time for them driving her home, she thought. So she took a taxicab alone.

After almost an hour, she finally arrived to her destination. The place is very dark not only because it was night but also the street lights are too far and some are not working. She started walking through an alley where she customarily pass going home.

A second later, she heard two drunk men singing very loud quite far from her. She was alarmed because news about girls being raped in their place is often heard. As she saw the two guys approaching, she started praying hard to God for safety - even included St. Michael's name in the prayer. The two is going nearer and nearer to her. She bowed down her head to prevent eye contact with the two drunk men.

As the two guys passed, she is aware that they stared at her before walking away continuously. It was a great relief passing the two guys without something worse happened. Thus she arrived in her house very safe.

The daylight came and she heard somebody was raped near the same alley where she walked through.

The story was actually told to us as an inspirational story telling us to keep praying not only when danger is coming, but also every time just to be safe. Well, it inspired me indeed. That's why I always pray everytime I'm going anywhere far from home. Besides, nothing will be taken or vanish from me for just a prayer, and it gave me much confidence to go anywhere.

Actually, I heard it many times but I ignored the real meaning of the story. I remembered my classmate laughing at it, he took it like a joke. He told me the reason why she (the woman in the story) was not victimized. It could be because the girl was ugly. Like the story above said, the two drunk men stared at her before walking away continuously.

Anyway, the story above seemed not enough. I mean, something is not told on it. And here it is . . .

As soon as she heard somebody's unfortunate fate, she was thankful, however a little guilty. She could be the victim. The suspect was still not identified, so she went to the police station to help.

She told the police her story, and with her help, the offender was identified. After arresting the offender, she asked one of the two guys why she was not the one they raped. And he answered:
Because you are not alone. Two big guys are beside you that time.

This continuation was my reconstruction of the finale of the story. That should be the end of the story telling the reason why she wasn't attacked by two drunk guys.


I asked some people if they believed that the story is true. Some of them answered yes. In my opinion, YES - it is possible, and much possible if the end wasn't included.

Like other urban legends, this story has variations. Some story tells of a student's fate after seeing two NOT drunk men.

It reminded me actually of the Jeepney story urban legend. It was a warning-type, just telling people to be careful.

I don't know when this story circulated. But I found out in, that it first sprouted in 2001. Here in the Philippines, in my estimate, the story spread in the years 2005 to 2009 (the year when I heard it first).

The gave one point about the said story, Praying doesn't stop the rape; it merely diverts it from one potential victim to another. Meaning, God gave mercy to those who are faithful. But they also pointed out that, the truly worthy, the truly unworthy, and all manner of folk in between can and do get raped, beaten, murdered, and have any number of horrible fates visited upon them.

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  1. just ask for guidance and God will not let you down :) pray anytime, anywhere, you'll be safe and confident to face danger


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