Other known Urban Legends

  • Binalungan National Park, General Tinio

  • According to the residents, an engkanto or a mermaid lived in the river, and people were blaming these creatures for the deaths that occurred every year.

    Legend has it, that only handsome adult males die on the river, while the not-so-handsomes do survive. The bodies of these victims are always found in the mouth of the river with face and neck stained in black.

  • Manila City Hall

  • The Manila City Hall is a government building where you can find the office of the city mayor. It was said, this building is haunted by many ghosts, especially the clock tower. Employees working there have their own ghost stories - type writers moved as if someone is typing; white ladies appear in CRs; ghosts dressed in Barong appear in stairways; and many more. People allegedly believed that the reason why spirits flock the building because of its shape - a coffin.

    According to Historians, the place was also utilized by the Japanese as a prison.

  • Brgy. 823, Paco, Manila

  • At the start of the year, January, 2013, the barangay was broked by fire. A lot of family became homeless, and some people died and burned alive.

    According to residents, the fire started in Aling Ligaya's house where her gas tank exploded and her body burst as well. All her body parts were found burned except her head. Thus, her spirit became restless.

    Meanwhile, the other beings were also disturbed by the fire, and now they were haunting the place same as Aling Ligaya.

  • Taho Vendors put mix cement on taho

  • Taho is one of the morning snacks in the Philippines, second to that of Pandesal (Salted Bread). It was made from soy beans from where soy milk and tofu came from. However, have you heard that taho vendors put cement on their product to maintain the solidity of the taho? Well, actually it is not true.

  • Palawan Vampire Family

  • Actually, the family in this legend is true, but the case is, they were rumored to be a Vampire, and that's the reason why they entered the world of urban legend.

    The legend started to spread from a broadcast in radio.

    In a distant place in Roxas, Palawan, rumors have it, that there was this family with four members. Recently, the mother died because whenever the children fights and she goes between them, their fangs appear, and for that reason they killed their mother. It was also said that this family of vampire transfers wherever, on that reason, even the neighboring barangays of Brgy. Salvacion - as Brgy. Caramay, were feared of being attacked.

    This news affects many things that even the class in schools were cancelled just for protection against them.

    According to the head of the family - the father, his children were being blamed of this. Even their neighbors were scared of them, thats why they deserted their houses and migrated to other places.

    In the GMA Channel 7 show, Imbestigador, revelation, they went to the house of the rumored vampire in the province, they found the blamed children. They were asleep and it was their habit sleeping at day, and that was the reason why they were compared to vampires. But actually, they have a mental problem that's why. Thus, they were just a victim of malicious and non-sense theory.

    It was also rumored there, that they were just possessed by bad spirits that's why they act mysteriously.

  • La Vista, Quezon City Scary Entity

  • [Taken from Internet]

    There was this father, who brought home the friend of his son after finishing their project. Upon arrival to the house of the boy, the father advised him to go run straight to their house faster and with no hesitation. The boy just followed what the father said without knowing the true reason.

    The next day, his friend, the son, told him the reason why he was told things that way. It was because, the father saw a big animal with wings flying above their house.

  • A child with a fish twin and a Woman who bore a fish

  • This news became popular, even to other countries. It was featured in many television shows and even in news papers (particularly tabloids). A woman gave birth to twins - one a normal child and the other, mysteriously, a fish. Yep! It was a fish. Many people did believe on this story, till now actually. But as time passes by, it definitely fades.

    Another one ....

    In 1986, a woman named Felina Santos bore a fish (specifically a mudfish) and she named her (or it) Dyesebel. She treated the fish just like a normal child - make her (the fish) drink milk and eat biscuits. Aling Felina made her daughter baptized. Then, three months after, the fish died.

    Her neighbors (some of them) didn't believe on the story. One reason is, Aling Felina's house was built over a pond/river(I'm not sure with that, but it was a kind of body of water.). It is really possible that the fish came from the said pond/river.

    There was a book published by a Filipino author about this legend.

  • Minda Mora
  • The girl who performs as Minda Mora was a beautiful young stage actress. She was raped and murdered by the school security guards inside the Univeristy of San Carlos Cultural Center located in Cebu City, Philippines.
    According to rumors, her soul still haunts there till present. Perhaps, seeking for justice, as what often the reason of ghosts that can't pass through the next world.

  • The Old Lady in her Shoulder

  • Four female friends went on a joyride to Batangas one weekend. That late evening, in one lonely stretch of road, they decided to have some photo-souvenirs of their spontaneous foray. So, they went off their car, and took pictures of themselves three at a time (the fourth was behind the camera). Something entered their minds and began to play hide-and-seek. After their game, one of their friends did not return. They searched for her to no avail. She was never found. A few weeks after the sad incident, the film they had in their camerea was developed. The owner of the camera took a look at the developed pictures and started screaming. In one of the pictures, among her three friends, was an old lady with her arm slung across the shoulder of their missing friend.

  • The Double Walker Ghost
  • It was the onset of sem break. While a resident was still packing her bag, her roommate was ready to go. Since the former wasn't done yet, the latter went ahead. Then the roommate's parents came in looking for her. The resident told them that she already left. When the resident was about to finish her packing, she opened the closet and saw her roommate inside--already decomposing.

  • The Student and his Volkswagen
  • In UP Diliman, a student decided to take an early morning drive with his Volkswagen of a car around campus. Later that day, his body was found a few feet from his car that had run out of gas and had thousands of kilometers added to the odometer. The stude was said to have starved to death. People said that the student was made fun of spirits in the campus and he ended up wandering around and around, without ever finding his way back.

    The catch: today, if you happen to wander around that particular campus around daybreak, you may encounter the little red Volkswagen car with a desperate student driver who'll ask you for directions back to the dorm. Never ever give him directions or you'll end up just like him.

  • Help me, I'm in HELL
  • A student attending an all-girls school in Manila under the administration of nuns stayed late in school to research about a project she was supposed to pass that week. As she was about to leave, she noticed while walking along, the corridor a classroom with lights still on. Out of curiosity, she headed to that room and went inside. Before she was able to enter the room she heard a screeching sound of chalk forcefully sliding through the face of the blackboard. When she went in she found a nun writing on the blackboard "HELP ME, I'M IN HELL." Before she could even think of screaming, the nun turned to her... faceless.

  • Party of the Dead

  • Two reporters were invited to a party in a house somewhere in New Manila. They went there and partied the whole night. They met "people" that were supposedly members of prominent families who were willing to pay a big sum of money if they agreed to publicize their business. So they gave the reporters their contact numbers before the two headed home. The next day, the reporters tried to contact the businessmen but they failed to get answers. Every number given to them was owned by somebody else. Being reporters and having connections, they researched about the businessmen and their businesses. Shocked they later found out that all the people in the party were dead for a very long time.