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Anniversary of December 21, 2012

The idea of seeing the world in the brink of destruction creates a very huge interest to the inhabitants of the world. Some of us are excited in discussing such subject, but others are scared seeing everything deteriorates. One of those people who are excited of this is me. Yes, I admit. I love talking with people about it, but I am afraid if it happens.

The Bible itself reveals that everything in our surrounding will someday be DESTROYED. All will start from small happenings - e.g. the anti-Christ appearance. The Seven Angels carrying Trumphets will blow their instruments and each signifies the start of plagues and natural major events. The Armageddon (or should I say, the WORLD WAR III) will start and all countries in every continent will destroy one another. The population of the world will become small and only few of the people will be saved.

Discussing such complicated topic and only based on human predictions is very hard. I have read a book (but I forgot the title) from our school library where all the possible causes of human extinction was enumerated and explained. It was a small and black front covered book. The author explicated the topic in a straighforward way which made me understand everything.

Anyway, just last year, the whole world was stirred with the idea that the world will end on December 21, 2012. Documents and old predictions rose from no where and revealed that our planet will really be ended. I considered the date a great hoax because all the predictions about it didn't happen.

By the way, where did the said date came from?

December 21, 2012

One of my classmates and also my friend was planning for her birthday party on December 21, 2012. She just ignored the idea of the grimliness of the said day. Like what she said, It's God's will. Whatever happens, it's in His hands. She is indeed correct. I approved with that, but I confess, I was really excited to what will happen on that date.

I was even preparing on days before the coming of the day. It was said that Three days of Darkness will come before the end of the world begins. Thus, from Monday night, I closed all the doors and windows in my house just like the instructions given to make your family safe. Then when morning came, I saw a flash of light from outside the window. I opened it and everything was normal, same as to the next two days.

It was Thursday night, everything in the television seemed normal - all the news and events. Making me think that maybe tomorrow is just a normal day. And the sun lit the whole place, and it was a usual morning.

I'm not joking, I really did those things, but I didn't bother to warn many people of what they should do. I just let them do the normal ways.

December 21, 2012 is Friday. I think, it's not only me who did their own safety acts preparing for the coming destruction. Besides, nothing will happen if I prepare for myself. Okay. I thought it could be appropriate if I give the best example of a person's response to the hoax. That's why I put what I did on that day.

So . . . The idea of the date, December 21, 2012, came from a Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilization which they called the Maya Empire.

The Mayans are the only known people in Mesoamerica who has a fully developed written language, art, architecture, and mathematical and astronomical systems before the coming of the Spanish conquestadores[1] . They are the one who created what we called the Mayan Calendar. The calendar was said to have estimated the first doomsday and predicted the coming of end of the Maya Empire and the future end of the world. It even predicted the coming of the western people in their place.

By the Maya mythological tradition, as documented in Colonial Yucatec accounts and reconstructed from Late Classic and Postclassic inscriptions, the deity Itzamna is frequently credited with bringing the knowledge of the calendar system to the ancestral Maya, along with writing in general and other foundational aspects of Maya culture.[2]

This calendar consisted several cycles with different length of time. (Perhaps like what we use right now - having days, months, year, decade, century, millenium, period, era, epoch, eon, and etc.) The starting point, when a mythological event happened, was, in Gregorian Calendar, August 11, 3114 BCE or September 6 in Julian Calendar.[2]

In Long Count, the is the technique used by scholars to make a date. 1 is for Alauntun; 2 is for K'inchiltun; 3 is for Kalabtun; 4 is for Piktun; 5 is for B'ak'tun; 6 is for K'atun; 7 is for Tun; 8 is for Winal; 9 is for K'in.
Let's have an example: is actually the date of December 21, 2012.
18 winal is 360 days. (18 winals x 20 days = 360 days)
2 k'in is 2 days. (1 winal = 1 day)

Let's count how many days from December 21 to December 31: 10 days (left before 2012 ends)
In 360 days, the 10 days (see above) is included
360 days + 2 days = 362 days
Therefore, if you count exactly from December 21, 2012 plus the 362 days, then the date is December 18, 2013 (the day when I created this article).

December 18 to December 31 = 13 days
365 days (1 year) - 13 days = 352 days (From January 1 to December 18)
352 days + 10 days (see above) = 362 days

The December 21, 2012 simply mean that the calendar will go to the next b'ak'tun. Thus, the year 2406 is the estimated year when the calendar will go to the next b'ak'tun. We're actually in the 13th b'ak'tun based on the Long Count. Therefore, 7 b'ak'tun left before we go to the next piktun. The October 13, 4772 is the date that the calendar will go to the next piktun.

Supporting Predictions: Scientific Term

Aside of the Mayan Calendar, there are other predictions that made the theory of December 21, 2012 much stronger than the other predictions of end of the world in the last decades. All of them seemed to be consistent with one date, as if all of them were created with only one end point.

Let's with scientific explanations:

Galactic Alignment

It was said that on December 21, 2012, the Sun, Moon and Earth will align to the galactic equator of the Milky Way. Naturally, it occurs every 36 years, however this alignment is different than the others. The reason is because the Sun touches a part of the dark rift.

In effect, the alignment will cause calamities such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and other destructive weather. Others say that the inner planets' orbit will be disturbed and the earth will be sucked up by the galactic black hole.

Solar Storm

In August, 2010, a shocking news from NASA was reported that some time in 2012, a solar storm will happen. It happens when an eruption in the sun, called the solar flare, will appear.

By the way, to differentiate the two, a solar flare is a sudden brightening observed over the Sun's surface or the solar limb, which is interpreted as a large energy release of up to 6 × 1025 joules of energy (about a sixth of the total energy output of the Sun each second or 160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT equivalent, over 25,000 times more energy than released from the impact of Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 with Jupiter).[5] While solar storm is a sudden burst of very fast, charged particles from the Sun.[4]

The Ultraviolet and x-ray rays ejected from the sun will cause an electromagnetic disturbance in the Earth's atmosphere. In addition to that, it may also affect the power of the world, thus losing the eletricity.

The Solar Storm itself would not cause an apocalypse, but it would bring about a sort of domino effect. People would then lose access to their heat/air conditioning, refrigeration, phone service and GPS. Also, drinking water distribution systems could break down in a couple of hours. Normally, a “Faraday Cage” protects the satellite’s internal equipment from external electrical charges, but constant bombardment of charges would cause satellites to break down. There are over 936 operating satellites in space, worth an estimated $200 billion to replace. Magnetic storm currents acting on gas pipelines are known to enhance the rate of corrosion over time, with potentially catastrophic cumulative effects.[4]

Web Bot

Web Bot is an Internet Bot computer program whose developers claim is able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the internet. It was developed in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends. The creator of the Web Bot Project, Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, keep the technology and algorithms largely secret and sell the predictions via the website.[6][4]

The web bot uses Wisdom of the Crowd with web crawlers that search the internet for about 300,000 keywords with emotional context. Overall, the web bot is used as a prophet that predicts future happening through computer activities of mankind. Accordingly, it had predicted the Northeast Blackout of 2003; 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake; and Hurricane Katrina and its devastation; however it missed the massive earthquake in Vancouver, Canada; collapse of US Dollar and bombing of Israel to Iran; and a Major catasthrophe in 2012.[6]

This really contributed much in the theory of December 21, 2012 apocalypse.

Supporting Predictions: Traditional Term

In traditional and religious term, a prediction of when the world will expire also rose in addition with the scientific studies.

Book of Revelations

The most famous prediction of the end of the world, no doubt, is the Bible. The final book in the Bible is the Book of Revelations written by John the Apostle or John of Patmos.

The book consists of three literary genres. It starts with the espistolary which addresses the words to the readers themselves, then the apocalyptic description of a complex series of events derived from prophetic visions seen by the author.

To make the explanation short, the book says:
The earth will face destruction in many forms. People will have to suffer from earthquakes, fire, plague, hailstorms, famine and many other calamities, in all shapes and forms. After these cataclysmic events, the Antichrist will gain domination over the world. They will rule the world for a certain unknown amount of time, which will then be followed by Armageddon. During Armageddon, a colossal battle will occur between the forces of evil (the Antichrist) and the forces of good (Jesus Christ), in which Jesus prevails. The Bible itself never gives specific dates, of course; instead all of its prophecies are based on a timeline of milestones and events.[4]

Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga (or the Iron Age) is the last of the four stages the world goes through as part of the cycle of yugas. This age is associated with the demon named Kali. His name literally means, strife, discord, quarrel or contention. The other stages namely are Krita/Satya Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (Silver Age), and Dvapara Yuga (Copper/Bronze Age).

The Kali Yuga will start when the summer solstice (June) Sun was aligned with the apparent Galactic Center. It started around 10,800 BC. Then it will end when the Satya Yuga will start. It is when the winter solstice (December) Sun aligns with the apparent Galactic Center. As we know, it happened in December, 2012. The end means that Kalki, the last reincarnation of Vishnu, will return and will battle with the demon Kali.

Timewave Zero

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, consists of an arrangement of sixty-four hexagrams (six-line figures) consisting of two types of lines, yin and yang, and has been used as an oracle. Coins or sticks are thrown, the combination of which signifies one or two hexagrams, and the second hexagram represents the predicted change from the first hexagram. Terrence and Dennis McKenna make a case that the I Ching was originally used as a lunar calendar in which the sixty-four six-line hexagrams (384 lines total) represented the 384 days in a thirteen-month lunar year. The earliest arrangement of the hexagrams of the I Ching is the King Wen Sequence. The theory that emerged from the I Ching study is known as Novelty theory.[4]

If the wave model is a valid theory of time, it should be possible to pinpoint on the wave that corresponds to the date that something important happened in history. To carry out this operation, Peter Meyer developed the Timewave Zero software. To see how the Timewave Zero software works click here. McKenna believes that during this time there will be a surge in information and evolutionary breakthroughs will start coming in nanoseconds. The theory is not deterministic; it does not say what will happen in the future, only the levels of novelty that whatever happens will have to fulfill.[4]

How the World will end

There are more than ten theories of how the world will end. If I enumerate all of them, it will take us more or less a whole day. Summarizing them is possible, but explaining them briefly could be hard. Such subject like the others above is complicated to discuss.

Anyway, let's get started . . .

  • The first way of how the world ends is by means of a Geomagnetic Reversal.

  • Geomagnetic Reversal is the interchange of position of two magnetic poles of the Earth (North and South Poles). They said, the reversal happens some time between a thousand and ten thousand years. The most recent reversal that happened in 780,000 years ago was the Brunhes–Matuyama reversal.

    According to Geologist Gregg Braden, the Earth's magnetic field has dropped to 38% in the past two years and still continue to drop till it reaches the point of zero. During reversals, additional magnetic poles will appear and the compass would then point a different direction. Then the magnetic field will eventually vanish and emerge after several thousand years but in a different position. Though it will not affect physically the human body, the machines we use dependent of the Earth's magnetic field (such machines are radios, satellite, communication devices and GPS) will be disrupted. In addition to that, the charged particles coming from sun like ultraviolet and x rays will cause skin diseases (e.g. skin cancer), and the plants will die out.

  • The second way of how the world ends is by means of a World War III or an Armageddon.

  • For the past centuries of human life, we have seen brutal and catastrophic wars in the world. From simple bow and arrows, swords, catapults and horses, we now have the most destructive and scariest weapons ever created by man - the Nuclear Weapons. These weapons if fired may kill not only half of the population of the world but may wipe out almost all of us.

    By the way, when we say WORLD WAR, it only not include two continents but more than of it. Well, for reasons how this war will start, in my own opinion, maybe by means of territorial and resouce scarcity, and misunderstandings. If China keeps on conquering islands in the Pacific and South China Sea, then a war may begin between Japan, South Korea, USA and Philippines. If the Middle East still in conflict of territorial disputes, then they may also begin a war. If ever North Korea fires a nuclear weapon testing, then a war against her and other countries around her will start. We all know the effects of a war - poverty, endangering wild lives, no shelter, and deaths.

  • The third way of how the world ends is by means of a Pandemic.

  • Have you watched the movie or read the book World War Z? It's actually the best example of a Pandemic. Creating a zombie disease is possible nowadays, but still undiscovered, and I hope it will not be discovered. Yeah, its exciting and interesting just like the zombie movies and series we've watched (e.g. The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Night of the Living Dead and many more). But if it's true-to-life, then you'll realize it's not. If you've watched the series of The Walking Dead, you'll realize the effect of a zombie pandemic. Everyday, they strive for food, water, shelter, safety, medicine, and even trust with one another. It's a literal end of the world.

    But its not only the zombie pandemic that can put mankind to extinction, but also the other diseases. One example that happened in the Medieval Age is the Black Plague. Documentaries about it can be watched in Youtube.

    Till now, we're still trying hard to avoid the wide spread of AIDS/HIV.

  • The fourth way of how the world ends is by means of a Super Volcano.

  • There are three super volcanoes in the whole world: Yellowstone in US, Lake Toba in Indonesia, and Aira Caldera in Japan. If ever one of them erupts, surely half or more of the worlds population will die out. Yellowstone is the most likely super volcano to erup next.

    A supervolcano is a volcano capable of producing a volcanic eruption with an eruption radius greater than 240 cubic miles (1,000 cubic kilometers). Supervolcanoes are the most dangerous, with a Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8.

    Remember what happened when the Mt. Pinatubo here in the Philippines erupted? It caused thousands of deaths, and many villages sunk underneath the water and muds.

  • The fifth way of how the world ends is by means of a Solar Flare.

  • I will skip on this because I've explained this above.

  • The sixth way of how the world ends is by means of a Global Warming and Global Cooling.

  • Our world is actually in the brink or should I say in the midst of a Global Warming. If you compare the temperature of the world in the past decades to now, you'll notice the great difference. We always hear this issue on TV. They always remind us how to avoid and lessen the global warming. So I think explaining it is not necessary anymore.

    On the other hand, here's the Global Cooling. Obviously, its the opposite of the Global Warming. The movie The Day After Tomorrow is one example of how the world will be frozen that the only area in the world that is not affected according to the movie is the equatorial countries, and Philippines is near the equator.

  • The seventh way of how the world ends is by means of an Asteroid-Earth Collision and Asteroid-Moon Collision.

  • Have you heard the Nibiru theory in the 20th Century? It is actually not an asteroid, but a planet, but it seemed to me an asteroid. The movie Deep Impact is one example of what will happen if ever an asteroid will collide to Earth.

    The Asteroid-Moon Collision is also one way. If the moon changes its course in the sky or goes near to Earth or if debris fall towards the Earth, then it's not a good thing. The gravitational disturbance may cause somehow a bad effect to our planet. I just don't know how large it could be.

  • The eighth way of how the world ends is by means of a Nanobots.

  • Lately, some scientists discovered the use of a nanobot in healing internal diseases, and this nanobots are not controlled by humans. They have there own intelligence, and they can also reproduce like simple bacteria.

  • The nineth way of how the world ends is by means of an Alien Invasion.

  • The universe is very large and it is possible that we're not alone here. There are dozens of movies that can explain why these aliens will invade our world. Maybe because, they're experiencing what we're about to experience hundred years later.

  • The tenth way of how the world ends is by means of Humans themselves.

  • I don't need to explain why. The reason is very obvious. Almost half of the above examples of how the world will end is man-made.


    If ever the true end of the world approach, the only things I will do are to BOND with my parents and other family members, SAY thank you and sorry to everyone, and most importantly PRAY to GOD. I really don't have any idea what's the best thing to do before the end-times come. Enjoy? I don't think I can enjoy myself with worries in my heart that for just a second everything and everyone around me will vanish.

    For Filipinos there, I know some of you are watching the TV series of GMA Channel 7 entitled Genesis. As you can see, it shows how people respond on a real apocalypse. People started to panic and even became selfish. Even though they knew that only five thousand normal, talented, strong, and important individuals will be saved by the spaceship Genesis, they still strive and fight to get there. It is similar to the situation of people in the movie Titanic. Not all life boats in the ship was used because of people's fear. Sacrificing is the only key for a better survival. But I know, it's impossible.

    For us in the real world, let's just enjoy life as soon as the world is not about to end. God has plans, and we have no choice but to deal with it.

    The year 2013 became rough and challenging for us Filipinos. First is the Napoles Pork Barrel Scam, second is a war, then an earthquake, and finally, a super typhoon. We cannot change what was made and happened, but we can still control our future based on how we live.

    Note: Try pointing your cursor on the underlined words or letters for an additional information or definition.


    Tuesday, December 17, 2013

    Saving a Faithful Girl

    For Christians, Muslims and Jews, angels are Godly beings who, according to bible, are said to be messengers, soldiers, guardians, healers, avengers, etc. They all have their own jobs in heaven. St. Gabriel the Archangel is a messenger, St. Michael the Archangel is a soldier, and St. Raphael the Archangel is a healer. I don't really know the exact number of known angels, but one thing is for sure, if ever it is true that each of us have guardian angels then they are much many than our population.

    I love discussions about heavenly beings, but it's not the subject for today's urban legend. One of my classmates told me a story of someone who was saved from being raped by just praying to God for safety.

    I think it could be better if I tell you the version I heard.

    The Story

    It was passed midnight when this girl, who was working as a call center agent, went home alone from her graveyard-shift job. Her friends invited her for a ride home, but she declined because it was too far. It could be a waste of time for them driving her home, she thought. So she took a taxicab alone.

    After almost an hour, she finally arrived to her destination. The place is very dark not only because it was night but also the street lights are too far and some are not working. She started walking through an alley where she customarily pass going home.

    A second later, she heard two drunk men singing very loud quite far from her. She was alarmed because news about girls being raped in their place is often heard. As she saw the two guys approaching, she started praying hard to God for safety - even included St. Michael's name in the prayer. The two is going nearer and nearer to her. She bowed down her head to prevent eye contact with the two drunk men.

    As the two guys passed, she is aware that they stared at her before walking away continuously. It was a great relief passing the two guys without something worse happened. Thus she arrived in her house very safe.

    The daylight came and she heard somebody was raped near the same alley where she walked through.

    The story was actually told to us as an inspirational story telling us to keep praying not only when danger is coming, but also every time just to be safe. Well, it inspired me indeed. That's why I always pray everytime I'm going anywhere far from home. Besides, nothing will be taken or vanish from me for just a prayer, and it gave me much confidence to go anywhere.

    Actually, I heard it many times but I ignored the real meaning of the story. I remembered my classmate laughing at it, he took it like a joke. He told me the reason why she (the woman in the story) was not victimized. It could be because the girl was ugly. Like the story above said, the two drunk men stared at her before walking away continuously.

    Anyway, the story above seemed not enough. I mean, something is not told on it. And here it is . . .

    As soon as she heard somebody's unfortunate fate, she was thankful, however a little guilty. She could be the victim. The suspect was still not identified, so she went to the police station to help.

    She told the police her story, and with her help, the offender was identified. After arresting the offender, she asked one of the two guys why she was not the one they raped. And he answered:
    Because you are not alone. Two big guys are beside you that time.

    This continuation was my reconstruction of the finale of the story. That should be the end of the story telling the reason why she wasn't attacked by two drunk guys.


    I asked some people if they believed that the story is true. Some of them answered yes. In my opinion, YES - it is possible, and much possible if the end wasn't included.

    Like other urban legends, this story has variations. Some story tells of a student's fate after seeing two NOT drunk men.

    It reminded me actually of the Jeepney story urban legend. It was a warning-type, just telling people to be careful.

    I don't know when this story circulated. But I found out in, that it first sprouted in 2001. Here in the Philippines, in my estimate, the story spread in the years 2005 to 2009 (the year when I heard it first).

    The gave one point about the said story, Praying doesn't stop the rape; it merely diverts it from one potential victim to another. Meaning, God gave mercy to those who are faithful. But they also pointed out that, the truly worthy, the truly unworthy, and all manner of folk in between can and do get raped, beaten, murdered, and have any number of horrible fates visited upon them.

    Image Source:

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    Cat Walk Wish (Part 4)

    Cat Walk Wish (Part 4)

    All of us have our own story. All of us are protagonist of our own novel, however we can also be the main antagonist of another's book. We can also be there supporting characters - a friend, an ascendant or descendant, a brother or sister, a neighbor, and a complete stranger. As I was writing my life, I realized that we live in a branch of a tree - all are connected to each other.

    Like our life, all novels have their own genre. Its up to us how we handle our life. Remember, God gave us the power of CHOICE.

    I don't know why I chose a life with complicated situation. Why did I let a Cat Walk ruin my story? Why did I chose to be overwhelmed by my ENVY?

    [Click here to continue.]

    The Ghost in CCP and Metropolitan Theater

    Old buildings are always associated with terror - that all of them have cruel past and unwanted memories of people who once lived there, but that is not absolute. As those buildings are also connected with ghosts - ghost of those people who really loved the place, it only mean that they didn't want to depart on the structure because of its dear significance.

    Not all buildings can be compared or synonymously be pointed to the Manila Film Center, whose past became so tragic that the dead still haunts the place for vengeance and justice.

    One of our readers gave me an idea about the ghost living in the Cultural Center of the Philippines.[a] As I was finding information about the CCP ghost, I found one story about the Metropolitan Theater. So I thought, it could be much useful if I combine both old theaters in Metro Manila. Thanks to the stories created by Luce and Clarence Tuvera in They gave me enough history of the ghosts.

    So let's get started . . .

    The Manila Metropolitan Theater

    Before the creation of the CCP, artistic performances were held in public places around the country. The Manila Grand Opera House, which was constructed in mid-19th Century, housed the stage plays, operas and zarzuelas and other important events in Manila. Then, there came the creation of Metropolitan Theater (or MET as what others call it).

    The Manila Metropolitan Theater was the first theater created before the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It houses the Braodway of the Philippines - an Art Deco building of Manila. It was constructed in 1931. Juan M. Arellano is the Filipino architect who designed the MMT.

    During the liberation of Manila by the United States and Filipino forces in 1945, the theatre was severely damaged, losing some of its roofing and destroying some of the walls. After reconstruction by the Americans it gradually fell into disuse in the 1960s. In the following decade it was meticulously restored in 1978 but again fell into decay.[3]

    The Cultural Center of the Philippines

    The Cultural Center of the Philippines is a government owned and controlled corporation established for preservation, development and promotion of Philippine arts and culture. It provides local and international productions with stage performances and exhibitions. In addition to it, the CCP is also the venue for festivals.

    Leandro Locsin was the designer of the structure. It was originally planned to be constructed in Quezon City when the Philippine-American Cultural Foundation (PACF) raised fund for this new theater. However, First Lady Imelda Marcos persuaded the PACF to relocate the plan to Roxas Boulevard in Manila. Executive Order No. 60 was issued by Pres. Marcos for formalization of the project.

    The construction was objected by Senator Ninoy Aquino because the money used came mostly from public fund and it didn't have congressional appropriation, and the institution was branded for the elites.


    [Taken from Internet:[1]]

    Who's that Girl?
    By: luce

    [ . . . ]

    That day, during dad's shift, their crew were informed that the president's first lady, Imelda Marcos, will be watching the play. The Presidential Security Group (PSG) thoroughly swept the place for anything and anyone suspicious.

    After that, my dad and the sound technician (let's call him Roy), went up to the control room behind the stage (it's elevated, think two story backstage) and started checking their equipment to get ready for the play. Their area allows them to see the stage without being seen by the audience. Imagine the recording studios with the glass panel - that's pretty much how it looks like. On the first level across them (still behind the stage) are two PSG men, stationed in that area.

    The play started without a hitch but during the intermission, the two PSG guys came running inside the control room. My dad and Roy got a little worried - during that time, getting in trouble with the Marcoses either mean torture or death.

    One of PSG guys spoke up and asked whether someone went through the room. My dad and Roy told them they haven't seen anyone go through the door. Unconvinced, the PSG guys pointed to a door on the right. Roy said that door has been locked for a long time but gave them the key anyway so they could check it themselves. They did and found the tiny room dusty and empty (no trap doors or anything).

    For a couple of tough guys, they started looking a little shook up. They told my dad and Roy that just a few minutes ago, before the intermission, they saw a lady with long hair and white clothes entering the room--running, then disappearing. My dad and Roy looked at each other, shrugged and told the PSG guys that it happens a lot there (the whole CCP in fact).

    Here's another tale I want to share with you guys about that place. In class, during high school, our teacher in English was discussing the details of our upcoming project. She then started sharing the woes of our upperclassmen (or women since I studied in an all-girls school) with their thesis.

    I stopped listening at this point, deciding to scribble doodles on my notebook but a picture being passed around piqued my interest. My teacher said it was taken in one of the hallways of the CCP (the hall with the huge mirrors).

    I can't remember if it's 3 or 4 of her students, but I can remember seeing 3 unwelcome images - one of a lady with long hair and a boy between 2 of her students, and a head of a man in front. The lady and the boy were in the mirror. Their images like smoke. The man in front is less discernible at first glance, it looks like it was super imposed. All in 35 mm of film.

    No, I don't have a copy of that picture. I was a broke high school student (remember, 'tis the age of nice old film cameras) and was not a huge fan of the supernatural back then.

    Another story which gave me much interest is The Dame by Clarence Tuvera.

    [Taken from Internet:[2]]

    The Dame
    By: Clarence Tuvera

    [ . . . ]

    . . . Artistic Director Rolando Tinio received the invitation to join the festival, he gladly accepted it, taking it as an act of good will on the part of the CCP. He decided to mount his Filipino translation of Will Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night (Ikalabing-Dalawang Gabi), featuring his actress wife, the dame of classical theater in the Philippines, Ella Luansing Tinio in the role of Viola.

    A week before the start of the actual festivities, however, Ella Luansing suddenly died due to a tragic car accident. We half expected to receive a call from director Tinio saying he will withdraw his company's participation from the festival, but he didn't. He did call to inform us that his daughter, Victoria Tinio will be taking over the role of Viola, and that we were to make the necessary changes in the list of cast for the official festival program.

    I know many of the people in TP. I have worked with them backstage in at least two productions, one of which - Will Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (translated as Ang Trahedya ni Hamlet, Prinsipe ng Denmarka) - was when they were already at the MET.

    I went to visit them two days before their Technical Dress Rehearsal, partly on official business (Director Tinio was supposed to deliver a lecture on Stage Management to festival participants, and I came over to inform him of the exact venue of the lecture), and partly out of nostalgia.

    Even the whole stage design was tweaked to reflect the company's state of mourning, as shown by the black and white veils that hang from the battens and falls ever so gracefully down to the stage boards.

    An extra character was also incorporated into the performance - a lady in black, laced evening gown whose face is covered with a thin black veil - appearing at certain scenes on stage. This extra character was played by TP resident actress, Divina Fabrique Cavestany who bears a striking resemblance to the late Ella Luansing Tinio (same facial features, same piercing eyes, same posture, though younger by a decade.) This character was to appear whenever the actors on stage would recite a soliloquy from other plays that Tinio incorporated into the script. These soliloquies were from characters in other plays that the late Ella performed in.

    Needless to say, the rehearsal that I witnessed, as a whole, was creepy and depressing (considering that Twelfth Night is supposed to be a comedy of manners). Nevertheless, some of us who have worked with the company in the past decided to see the play on closing night (it ran for three weekends, excluding the actual festival week). That was to be TP's final performance, as Rolando decided to finally call it quits after 17 years of translating and producing classics of world theater for Filipino audiences. His main disciple and creative partner, Ella, is gone, and so he figured there was no more reason to continue. All TP alumni, on stage and back stage, were invited to a quiet dinner afterwards.

    During final performance, however, as Divina's character weaved in and out of scenes, something extraordinary happened. Another lady in black appeared on stage, much to everyone's horror. The face was veiled, and yet there was no mistaking those eyes that pierced through the thin fabric. Divina actually stopped her entrance from stage left, then walked right back out, as the other veiled figure stood at stage right. Being the professionals that they were, the actors proceeded with the performance as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

    The audience, many of whom were regular TP fans and Classics of World Theater enthusiasts, was in complete silence: everyone knew the late Ella enough to recognize her presence. If it was a bad joke, it was done in poor taste.

    The apparition appeared several times that night, often stopping Divina on her tracks. At one point, it made an entrance while Divina was already on stage. Everyone saw the two women in black on the stage at the same time. It was unnerving.

    At curtain time, however, only Divina came out in her costume, sans the veil to take her final TP bow. As the curtain fell for the last time, the unnerved audience stepped out of the theater in such a hurry you would have thought there was a fire somewhere.

    I don't know if many of the cast and TP alumni stayed for the dinner after the performance. I know I didn't.

    [ . . . ]

    TP: Teatro Pilipino

    Note: The stories above are summarized for briefing the whole original story. You can visit the source websites.


    The second story is proven true by the author himself. Though the incident happened in Metropolitan Theater, the ghost seemed similar to the CCP ghost. But I don't mean the Met ghost is the same ghost in CCP. What I mean is, ghost like them have unfinished business. Ella Luansing (the Met ghost), if she didn't die, she should have been one of the characters in the play.

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    Philippine Cultic Urban Legend

    Hoy! Itago niyo ang mga tsinelas niyo tuwing gabi, kasi pag nakuha ng isang kulto ang isang tsinelas, papatayin ka nila.
    Hey! Hide your flip-flops everynight, 'cause if a cultist gets one of your flip-flops, they'll kill you.

    I can't forget that warning when I was a child. Our neighbors that time often told me to not let even one of my flip-flops, sandals, shoes or any foot wear out of the door or else they'll get me and sacrifice me. That's the reason why I always bring them inside the house. My uncles told me that they are satanist, and they need life sacrifice everytime they're worshipping the devil. I don't know how they got that information.

    Well actually, not all cults behave like that. Some of them, or should I say, all of them are not bad actually. The 'Ang Dating Daan' (or Members Church of God International) of Bro. Eli Soriano is considered a cult. The 'Iglesia Ni Kristo' (or I.N.C.) of Felix Y. Manalo, is considered a cult too. There are tens or more of them in the Philippines. Others just sprouted locally (like the first two named), while others were brought here by foreigners (one example is the 'Jehovah's Witness'). The 'Rizalista' is one example people considered a 100% cult.


    By the way, what is a cult in the first place?

    According to a dictionary, a Cult is a system of religious or spiritual beliefs, especially an informal and transient belief system regarded by others as misguided, unorthodox, extremist, or false, and directed by a charismatic, authoritarian leader.

    Originally, cults are used to refer to groups which worship a deity or deities. It is first used in 17th Century, but of course it evolved to what we use it for now.

    One of the accepted traditional religious belief for Christian believers in the Philippines is Roman Catholic Church. Thus, religious group not following the norm of Roman Catholic Church is a Christian Cult. But in my opinion, a group is considered a cult if the members of it are small in number compared to major religious group with hundreds or thousands of population. 'Born-again Christians' varies from one place to another, and they almost differ in belief though they have much similarities, and they have small number of group members making them just like a cult. They cannot be called born-again Christians if they're still in the line of Roman Catholic Church.

    On the other hand, there are also other main religions in the world, namely Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. Just like in Roman Catholic Church, if other religious groups are not in the same beliefs and traditions as that of the enumerated religion, they can be considered cults.

    Correct me if I'm wrong with that.

    Anyway, don't compare sororities and fraternities with the cults. If a said fraternity or sorority is formed for the same reason as cults, then they're obviously cults indeed.


    One of the most known considered cult in the Philippines is the Rizalism. Rizalista is the common name used to call for the believers of the said religion.

    I had introduced Dr. Jose Rizal in two of my articles here in the blog. (You can read about him in Jose Rizal - as Jack the Ripper.)

    According to a website, Rizalista is any local cult believing in the divinity of Jose Rizal. They commonly believe that he is still alive and will return to deliver his followers from poverty and oppression.[1] They considered him as the God, or the second him, or the Filipino Jesus Christ. Rizalist cults, such as the Ciudad Mistica de Dios, Adamista, Bathalismo, Watawat ng Lahi (Banner of the Race Church), Iglesia Sagrada Flilipina, and Espiritual Pilipino Catholic Church, synthesize Roman Catholic rituals.[2] They are also registered groups.

    Some of the Rizalistas believed that Rizal has an apparent parallelism to Jesus Christ in many ways. Other's belived that Rizal is the messiah of the Philippines just like Jesus Christ as messiah of Israel. There were also those who believed that Rizal was the re-incarnation of Christ. These beliefs of the groups were based on the similarities of the two. They said that both of them were morally upright and exemplary in their own rights, they possess extraordinary character and have the purest intention in pursuing their missions. Also, they were both pious and Asians, and both from a country under colonial rule during their time. Also, the two were advocates of solidarity, equality and peaceful coexistence in spite of differences in social status, ethnicity and creed. and many more, such as, they were both healers and great visionaries, they advocate of reform and peaceful means to carry out their missions, strongly denounced prejudice, apathy, immorality and cruelty. They were also victims of trial and mockery, their teachings influence people around the world and most importantly, they were executed by their enemy and died for a noble cause.[2]

    The Rizalistas are not an urban legend. I just include them here for informational reason.

    Cultic Urban Legend: Cavite Killing Cult

    This legend was more popular in Cavite. Legend has it that there was this dangerous cult roaming at night. If they, by chance, see your slippers or other footwear (pair or even one) outside the door, they'll chant a myterious spell of hypnotism on it, making you go outside (some say, they will steal it, and find the owner). Then, they will slash your neck and kill you with a bolo or the reaping tool or the like.

    There was another version of this, they said, they will count the pairs of footwear, and they will kill the owners of those one by one.

    In effect, many people feared to let their footwears outdoor. I don't know the reason why they do this crime, perhaps a kind of killing ritual or a sacrifice.

    [Taken from Internet:]

    1. Residents are warned not to leave their belongings (slippers, shoes, umbrella, etc.) outside the house. According to people there, cult members do some incantation/prayers over these objects and whoever owns these would then open the door of their house (as if in a spell) to let these weirdos in. They would subsequently behead the person who opened the door and bring the head with them.

    2. Last Nov. 1, 4 persons were allegedly seen going around Soldiers' Hills Phase 1 with black hoods over their heads and carrying the (think the usual symbol of Death). These creeps had children following behind them singing some strange song. The person who saw them didn't pay much attention thinking that they may just be on their way to a Halloween party or something. However, she freaked out the next day when someone told her that this group went to this house and who would have probably added to their list of victims had the maid of the house not refused to open the door for them.

    I think the 'usual symbol of death' the author is talking about is the Scythe, the mowing tool the Grim Reaper always carry.

    The rumor above is actually the reason of the warning I just said. I was actually living in Cavite that time, and I don't remember any case or real-life news detailing an incident with the same crime.

    One of our readers said that this cult is true. (S)He is a pure-blooded Caviteno, as what (s)he said. His/Her grandfather saw the cult, and (s)he even prove that (s)he knew one of the cult member killed in Anabu, Imus, Cavite because they tried to kill a little kid.[a]

    I asked my classmates of their opinion with this urban legend. There's two things they agreed: that this killing cult might be a satanist or people with 666 mark on them. It's obvious they'll likely think like that, because there's no such good religion that kills innocent individuals without any acceptable reason.

    There was one urban legend in US about a peculiar fraternity rite in which a new-comer will amputate a woman's leg as part of the ritual. Could it be just a fraternity rite instead of a cult? But I think it's too exaggerated to behead somebody just to join the group.

    They actually remind me of the three-hooded ghosts - the kumakatok. I don't know why. I'm still in question of how these ghosts became like them. They just knock on your door with a warning that someone will die, and nothing more.

    Cultic Urban Legend: Saboy-Asido Cult

    There's another urban legend which is much popular in Metro Manila than in any other part of the country, but I don't know much about them. I call them Saboy-Asido Cult. It's about a cult (other say a 'fraternity') in which one of there ritual is to spray or throw corrosive liquid substance on the face of the person (some say it's not specifically in the face, just in the person) inside or in the window from ouside the jeepney.

    I actually doubted with the said urban legend. There was another story, about an individual person they called Boy Asido (Acid Boy).

    [Taken from Internet:[4]]

    . . . People were scared that Boy Asido would just come up to them and splash acid on their face. From what I remember, Boy Asido really did exist, but he was not this deranged guy who went around disfiguring and blinding people for the heck of it, he really had splashed someone's face with acid, his lover with whom he had quarreled.

    Cultic Urban Legend: Sexual Rite of Cultists

    Have you heard cults performing sex ritual on their worship ceremony? Well, I've once heard a case in GMA Channel 7 Imbestigador, about a religious group using this sacrament, especially with minor-aged girls. They demolished the said group, and filed a lawsuit against the leader for child abuse.

    There was a rumor I heard about another cult that abducts kids or any woman which will be used for this 'religious sexual rite'. They even named this sect a 'satanist' cult. Accordingly, the said cult became wide spread nationwide (they were even reported in tabloids) and just die down for one reason - they are not real.

    By the way, is there such thing as Sexual Rite?

    The answer is a big YES. Indeed, there is. It is called Hieros Gamos.

    Then, what is it? Well, Hieros Gamos derived from the Greek words meaning sacred marriage. It rooted from an ancient fertility cult, then it evolved to a highly developed spiritual discipline that enabled a man to attain gnosis, through ritualized sexual union with a woman trained as a priestess. The theory is based on the philosophy that man is fundamentally incomplete and can reach divinity only by marrying the feminine principles in a spiritual and physical manner, which triggers an altered state of consciousness at the moment of climax. It can also be attributed to Hermaphrodite symbol, which was according to Greek mythology, he is the son of Aphrodite and Hermes.[4] (Find his story yourself, of how he became both male and female.)

    The Church of Carmel is the known movement wherein a genuine attempts of gnostic branch of Catholicism through incorporation of sexual rite and tenets of Priory of Sion can be found. It was established by Eugene Vintras in early 1840s. However, the belief of making sex a sacrament led to accusation of satanism against them. They put Vintras into jail charging him with false fraud. As he was released, another priest accused him of promoting sexual orgies. Then in 1948, the Pope declared them heretics and all of them were excommunicated.[4]

    The Brothers of Christian Doctrine is another movement where Hieros Gamos and Priory of Sion can be found.[4]

    I suggest you to watch the movie or read the book The Da Vinci Code. This ritual was mentioned, and was shown in a scene where the young Sophie saw her grandfather doing this in a secret chamber while the other members were praying and watching him perform the ritual with a priestess.

    Note: Try pointing your cursor on the underlined words or letters for an additional information or definition.

    [3] | By: Moiraine | Posted: Feb 9, 2000 09:37 PM
    [4]Cracking the Da Vinci Code. Simon Cox. 2004. ISBN 1-84317-103-1. Published in Great Britain.
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