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Maria Anna Abiera

I found a story that resembles that of Maria Labo's. They almost, or should I say, really have the same tale.

Maria Labo is a Visayan aswang, particularly a Panay resident, as what the stories about her says. On the other hand, Maria Anna Abiera is a Mindanao aswang, whose short biography accounts a similar experience as that of Maria Labo's. I am talking about the short tale I wrote on the article dedicated to her.

I thought, this should be put to Maria Labo article, but the problem is, they have different name. One thing, I consider Maria Anna Abiera an another case. I saw her story in a book published in 2005, and according to it her story rose in 2001 when fear sat in their city. I also think that this story is just a revision or retold of Maria Labo's story.

The Story

[Taken from a Book:[1]]

Maria Anna Abiera
by: Laughing_Angel

I am a resident of ****** City here in Mindanao. Contrary to the portrayals of television and newspapers, my place is actually not a battlefield between Muslim rebels and government troops.

But there was a time in 2001 when fear sat in the whole city.

When darkness fell, no minor was to be seen roaming the streets. Elders made sure that their homes were locked. Curfews weren't imposed, neither war was about to broke out. Local authorities were anxious too. All of these uneasiness was caused by an alleged aswang wandering the streets of the city at night. Local radio and TV stations denied the rumor, telling everybody that there was no such thing as aswang. But that didn't appease the whole city.

It all started when a seven-month-pregnant woman was found dead with her abdomen opened and the fetus was nowhere to be found. Then another gross incident took place when a toddler was discovered at a dump site. Deep scratches were said to have found on the back and chest of the poor toddler, the kind of scratches that couldn't have made by an ordinary person.

Many have suspected that it was done by the aswang they had named Maria Anna Abiera. As told, Maria Anna Abiera went to work in Transylvania as a private nurse to a very rich man. After several years, she went back home in Mindanao.

One day, relatives visited the Abieras but were surprised to find the house empty. They asked the neighbors where they could be but no one from the neighbors noticed them leaving the house. When they were able to get inside the house, they were shocked to find several body parts inside the refrigerator. Some of the limbs were missing while some body parts were scattered as if they were chomped or bitten off. It was such a horrible sight! Further investigations revealed that the bodies found were that of Maria Anna's husband and two sons.

The lady has been missing since then. Some have accounted of seeing her walking on the streets during nighttime as if searching for something or following someone.

People said she had gone insane. But many believed that she had transformed into the likes of flesh-eaters and blood-drinkers. Transylvania, according to ancient history and literature is the home of Count Dracula.


The story, as the writer wrote that Maria Anna Abiera put their city in fear, reminds me of what Marcos did sometime in the past to scare the rebels in Mindanao.

The Transylvania thing cast doubt on me. First of all, let's discuss about it.

Transylvania is not a country but an old province of Romania, which was formerly the eastern part of Hungary. Yes, it's true that the place was alleged home of many vampires. Bram Stoker used this place as setting of his novel Dracula. And Dracula is actually NOT A VAMPIRE. Historically, he is a Prince of Wallachia, a kingdom in Romania. His real name is Vlad Tepes Dracula. He was just suspected to be a vampire because of his deeds - he loves seeing people impaled in front of him. There's even a picture of him eating while watching his servants butcher and impale people.

Secondly, the only difference it had compare to that of Maria Labo's is the place where she worked as an OFW. Maria Labo worked at the Spain or Canada, while Maria Anna Abiera worked at Romania (or Transylvania). So, this could be an evidence that her story was really Maria Labo's and she was just a product of imagination.

See the article about Maria Labo for more information.

[1] True Philippine Ghost Stories 14. Kresta De Guzman Ed. PSICOM Publishing Inc. 2005. Quezon City. ISSN 1656-6246.
Vampires and Other Monstrous Creature. HarperCollins Publishers. 2007. Great Britain. ISBN 978-0-06-145412-7
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Just wait for me ...

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The Mirror

What do you think is strange in this photo?


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Sto. Nino Academy

Submitted by: Lonely Bones

First of all, I always consider haunted schools as “urban legends” that is why I would like to share my school’s spooky stories or should I say, facts!

In four years of my stay in this school, I have heard many rumors about my alma mater being haunted. Different stories from different students and teachers about lady in a dress, moving chairs, headless man and white ladies. I am not sure whether this stories are true or not but I guess it is your decision either to believe or not.

The Lady in Dress

This story said to happened last 2008 (or 2009). The school was having their JS prom. Everyone was enjoying the night. Dancing and eating and such. The teachers roamed the campus to inspect each classrooms in case there were students doing something displeasing. One teacher claimed that he/she saw a girl in a dress inside one of the classroom that was locked. He/she called the other teachers and when he/she looked at the girl again, she was gone.

Another case was a group of student claimed that they saw a girl in a dress walking alone on the dark hallway of one of the school building. Because the color of the dress is unknown, whether the two girl is related, no one knows.

The Headless Man

This story said to happen last 2010, the graduation ball of the fourth year. A group of seniors was taking a picture of their reflection on a mirror in one of the CR of the school. When they looked at the picture at the picture in the camera, they saw a headless man (If I remembered correctly, it was wearing a Barong) standing at the very side of the picture.

Moving Chairs

I know that moving chairs are quite normal but still… According to some students that I heard talking about ghost while I’m on the CR (The same CR above), there was a particular room at one of the school building where chairs would move frequently with or without people inside.

The fact is the room that they were talking about was my room when I was a freshman. In a year of my stay there, I experienced no moving chair but just an eerie feeling, like someone is watching you from behind.

Is Someone in the Room?

This story was told by my teacher when I was a junior. It was a busy day (Or should I say night) for the teachers because they were computing our grades and the release of our cards were coming. She was searching for our high school head teacher to pass something.

It was pretty dark. She claimed that she saw our head teacher entered her room. She went to the same room and while she was climbing on the stairs, she heard our head teacher talking to someone. When she reached the room, she was surprised to see no one inside the room, no one except darkness and silence.

The Oldest Building

Gloriamaris, the first and the oldest building in the whole campus, standing for almost 30 years. The building is the home of the elementary. Most part of the whole structure is made by wood. Many students claimed that they saw a white lady standing or walking at the second floor hallway and sometimes, inside the rooms. I, myself have an experience on this place.

I was a senior. I arrived at my school together with some of my classmates around 5 am to finish something and yes, it was pretty dark. I became curious about the white lady that was rumored to haunt the Gloriamaris so I left my classmate and went to the said building. It was pretty scary walking around the vicinity when it was still dark. I reached the building and went to the second floor where the ghost said to “live”

I saw nothing but instead, I heard a sound, like something hard was being thrown, inside one of the rooms. I became super scared so I quickly left the building and ran to my classmates without turning back. When I reached them, one of my classmates was looking at me in a creepy way.

It was lunch when I asked him why he was looking at me. At first he denied it then later on, he told me “SOMETHING is following you while you’re running” After that, I swear I will never go in that building again.

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The Haunting in the Philippine Military Academy

PMA (Philippine Military Academy) is a military school which trains future officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The school is located in Baguio, Benguet. It was actually established on February 17, 1905 inside the walls of Intramuros, Manila with its first name Officer's School of the Philippine Constabulary. Then it was relocated to Baguio on September 1, 1908.

On September 8, 1926, it was renamed to Philippine Constabulary Academy. And in the same Act which changed the name, the courses was lengthened to 3 years from 9 months.

Then on December 21, 1935, it was renamed again to its present name - Philippine Military Academy.

Well, that's enough for a short history. Let's go to the main event of the article.

The truth is I just found the story shown below in a book.

The Story

[Taken from a Book:[1]]

Ghost of PMA
By: M

When I was a plebe (first year in layman's terms), I heard much about ghosts in the academy. One timw in May, it was the foggiest night I had ever seen in PMA. It was during our study period, on or about 20:00H (8 o'clock P.M.). My female upperclassman was on duty during that time. According to her story, she had come from her barracks and was on her way to her duty area. Along the way, she met an upperclassman. Since it was foggy, she couldn't tell who he was because visibility was down to 5 feet. She saluted him. But the figure didn't seem to notice or reply to her salute. He just "walked" on. Curious, the female cadet looked back. To her surprise the person she saluted to had vanished. She was scared out of her wits so she ran as fast as she can.

Now, let me tell you about why the lights are always on in Borromeo Field. Before, the lights weren't turned on during evening in Borromeo Field. During the wee hours of the night, the cadets at the Regis and Florendo Halls were woken up by the sounds of matching and shouting at the said Borromeo Field. Regis and Florendo Halls are the closest buildings in the field. It was pitch dark and they couldn't see anything or anyone moving on the parade grounds. When they finally switched on the lights in the field it suddenly became quiet. No more sounds of marching or shouting. Every night since then they would hear marching and shouting, until the cadets made a petition to the Officials concerned regarding those ghosts. The Officials granted their petition and Borromeo Field was lit up every night. Since then there were no more marching or shouting ghosts. We assumed that those ghosts were PMA cadets who had died during training or our alumni who died in battle and returned "home" to their alma mater. No one knows, but "they" do.

[1] True Philippine Ghost Story. Book 5. Reginald Ting Ed. 2004. PSICOM Publishing Inc. Quezon City, Philippines. ISBN 971-0372-01-7.

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Seeking the Bride

It is a tradition to every marriage that after wedding there's a honeymoon. Couples usually go to romantic places, especially in Europe, to celebrate their unity and also to have a good vacation. It's also their first time to be private and be away from their parent's intrusion and influence - their first time to be husband and wife.

However, it is not an exception that honeymoons often are happy; that couples really enjoy their time. There are incidents when the two fall in an eventual break up, ending their commencing relationship; or worst gone on a tragic accident. Well, chances always roam everywhere. Occasionally, they can be absent or present.

Anyway, the urban legend I'm referring here concerns wedding celebration and honeymoon.

I found an almost completely different but quite similar story from other country. I don't know if it is appropriate to compare our's to their's, but I saw it connected.

The Story

[Taken from the Internet:[1]]

A young woman was about to get married, and she decided she wanted to hold the wedding in the backyard of the large farmhouse where she grew up. It was a beautiful wedding and everything went perfectly.

Afterwards the guests played some casual party games, and someone suggested hide-and-seek so they could get the children to play too. It wouldn't be hard to find a place to hide around the house.

The groom was "it," and the bride wanted to make sure that she won the game. When no one was looking she slipped inside the house. She ran up to the attic, found an old trunk and hid in it. No one could find her. Her new husband wasn't worried though, he figured she must have just gotten tired and went inside to rest. So everyone went home.

The groom looked around the house but he couldn't find her anywhere. He and her parents filed a missing persons case, but she was never found.

A few years later when her mother died, the woman's father went to go through his late wife's things that were collecting dust in the attic. He came to an old chest. The lid was closed and the old lock was rusted over and holding it closed. He opened the lid and was terrified to see his daughter's decaying body in the chest. When she hid there, the lid had closed and the rusty parts of the lock had latched together, trapping her there.

And here's ours:

[Taken from a Book:[2]]

A Japanese newlywed couple went to Europe for their honeymoon. In Paris, the wife spent hours shopping for clothes. At one trendy boutique, she decided to try on several dresses. So the husband waited outside the dressing room.

A long while passed and the wife didn't come out. So the husband began to wonder what was keeping her. He inquired of one of the shop girls; she checked, then told him, to his surprise, that the dressing room was empty.

His initial reaction was that his wife was playing a practical joke on him. So he went back to their hotel. But she was not there. Still thinking it was a joke, he sat down to wait for her.

As the hours passed, he became more and more anxious. And when she had not returned by the following morning, he was distraught. He called the police, the boutique and all the Paris hospitals. There was no trace of her anywhere.

The police did what they could, but after three weeks, there wasn't a single clue. Exhausted and in despair, the husband returned to Japan.

Five years passed. And then the husband, finally having gotten over the loss of his wife, received a phone call from a friend who had just returned from a trip to the Philippines. The friend told him that he had seen the wife in Manila - as the featured attraction of a freak show.

With great sadness the friend explained that the wife's arms and legs had been horribly mutilated.

And I found another version from the internet.

[Taken from the Internet:[3]]

The Missing Bride

A Japanese newlywed couple went to Europe for their honeymoon. In Paris, the wife spent hours shopping for clothes. At one trendy boutique, she decided to try on several dresses. So the husband waited outside the dressing room.

A long while passed and the wife didn’t come out. So the husband began to wonder what was keeping her. He inquired of one of the shop girls; she checked, then told him, to his surprise, that the dressing room was empty. His initial reaction was that his wife was playing a practical joke on him. So he went back to their hotel. But she was not there. Still thinking it was a joke, he sat down to wait for her.

As the hours passed, he became more and more anxious. And when she had not returned by the following morning, he was distraught. He called the police, the boutique and all the Paris hospitals. There was no trace of her anywhere.

The police did what they could, but after three weeks, there wasn’t a single clue. Exhausted and in despair, the husband returned to Japan.

Two years later, he found himself in the Philippines during a carnival. He stopped in front of a freak show in a shabby old tent. The sign above the entrance read “The House of Oddities”. Curious, the man entered and was disgusted at what lay within.

Crouched in cages, he saw a collection of hideously deformed freaks. The bizarre denizens were terrifying examples of human misery. In the last filthy cage, he was horrified to see the featured attraction: A twisted, scarred and mutilated woman, rocking back and forth and groaning strange animal-like noises.

The sign on her cage read “The Worm Woman”. She had no arms or legs. They had been hacked off and just her torso remained. Her face was covered with jagged scars from horrible operations and her mouth was sewn shut. As she turned her sad eyes up to look at him, the husband screamed as he recognized the birthmark on his wife’s face.

Well, both stories really are different because the first one died inside an old trunk after playing hide and seek with her groom and other relatives and friends invited in the wedding. While in our story, the Japanese woman just got vanish and later found mutilated in a freak show in the Philippines.

What made them quite similar is that both were couples and the female was the victim. But I'm not telling that the stories came from only one source - they're not.

There was actually another urban legend from other country where one of the characters just disappear and the protagonist search her and haven't found anymore. At the end, the main character found out that she was already dead. I didn't put it here because the persons in the story were not couples but a mother and daughter.

I don't really know when and where did the story started to spread. I'm a bit sure that it didn't start here till I found an evidence.

I have questions on the urban legend (our's). How did the woman vanish? And how did she came to the Philippines? Paris is very far from the Philippines.

The story seemed to be made up by someone or not an original Philippine urban legend. If it is truly an urban legend, it is possible that the story came from Japan because all the characters in the story were Japanese, or from Europe, or really just an invention of someone else.

If you know another version of it or any information about the story, feel free to post what you knew in the comments or e-mail me. Thank you.

[2] True Philippine Ghost Stories. Book 4. 2004. Gianna Maniego et al. PSICOM Publishing. ISBN 971-8995-99-4.

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