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Waxy Instant Noodles

Have you ever been told not to eat instant noodles regularly? Well, I bet most of us who are fans of it had received such advise from anyone. They're actually saying the truth not to do it frequently, unless if they mention about the waxy lining on every noodle strand.

According to anyone, those waxy linings are dangerous to our health, but not because the chemical to which it was produced is harmful, but because this wax accumulates to our intestines and will result to an intestinal problem. Additionally, these wax are hard to digest and hard to excrete since it sticks to the intestinal walls, and our body needs 2 days to clean it. It was even claimed that this waxy thing can cause Cancer. (Just like the one in the image below.)

Eating instant noodles may actually be dangerous since all things eaten to much is harmful to our health. However, can we really believe that ALL instant noodles have this wax? What is the truth behind it?
The Rumor[Taken from the Internet:]


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