Warlito Toledo (Alias: Waway)

I didn't know anything about our subject. So what I have here (the information I included here) are from the internet.

I was tired of searching urban legends of the north (I mean, of Luzon), so I searched an urban legend somewhere in the south or central Philippines. One that took my attention is this person's name they called Waway.

This man has an amulet (they say), just like that of Nardong Putik. But, unlike Putik's amulet which can make him invisible every time he steps on the mud, Waway's makes him invincible. This is not a consistent story though. Other versions of his story made his amulet had a power to change his hairstyle instantly. So, supposedly, you're running after a fugitive, and you saw him having a black hair, then suddenly you saw someone with white hair and you didn't think it was him. It's cool I know, to have a power like that. You don't need to go to a hair salon or barbershop to fix you hair.

Anyway, let's go to his legendary story.

The Story

This is how his story goes.

[Taken from the Internet:[1]]

Waway was just a simple farmer in a sugar cane plantation, working with his beloved wife. One night, while resting their exhausted body after a day of harvest, a group of armed men attacked their house mercilessly. His wife was brutally raped and killed in front of his eyes. Then, he was stabbed and shot several times. The armed men left their house not even suspecting that Waway was still alive after what they did.

This event in his life changed him. He became a serial killer and looking for justice.

[Taken from the Internet:[1][2][3]]

As a killer, he especially liked targeting pregnant women for some unknown reason. Whenever entering the household of his prey is impossible, it was said that he will spit on the slippers of the people who live there, of course if their footwears are outside. As soon as there is an opportunity to do so, he will come back and murder all who are present.

Because of this spitting thing, people were warned not to leave their slippers or all types of footwear outside, and kids went home early. After nine at night, all streets are empty.

It was also said that he raped and killed almost 40 people a day just to avenge his wife's death. One victim, who was living in Danao, was raped and killed then plucked her breast out.


Waway (or Warlito Toledo) was just an ordinary fugitive who was rumored to have superpowers and abuses and slays thereafter all his victims as a form of vengeance to his wife's death. Another version of the story even tells that he was the one who killed his wife and suddenly found himself enjoying the deed. But accordingly, his wife was not actually murdered, that the story was just an urban legend.

The Danao authorities are not even sure how he got the name Waway. Based on his records at the Danao court, he was charged with reckless imprudence resulting to homicide on November 8, 1989, and was arrested on December 1, 1999 for a rape case filed on September 10, 1996. These cases were later settled out of court.

In September 2002, he was implicated for another rape case against him. Thus, he fled and his whereabouts are never known. Five years later, he again dragged to another rape and murder case of a 17-year-old student in Danao.

Because of these cases wherein he was involved made him famous as a fugitive, and it resulted to rumors just like the above stories. There were even some stories spreading that he attempted to rape another woman, but the police station didn't receive any new complaints against him.

The Danao police decided to distribute photos of him and because rumors continued to proliferate.

One good thing that came out of the “Waway tales” is that the police are finding it easy to implement the ordinance that bans minors from staying out from midnight to 4 a.m.

Danao City Mayor Ramonito Durano III has put up a reward for those who can give valuable information that would lead to Waway's arrest.

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