Dirt in McDonald's Foods

Urban Legends are not only based on false stories with full of exaggeration, but some of them came from real ones, though added with almost incredible information. Legends like this can be true, in the other hand, it was not absolutely real. However, it was normal for fast-food restaurants to cook incorrectly or accidentally serve a reject dish.

I remember the rumored stories about the Bulate Burger (Earthworm Burger). It was absolutely unreal. What I mean to say is, every restaurants may experience similar faults. How hard they try to avoid flaws, they may still done the same.


[Taken from Internet:]

Date: Fri Sep 29, 2000 1:47am

Friends, I send you this message to warn you of the danger of eating in fastfood restaurants especially in McDonald's Glorietta Branch.

My wife was food poisoned last Sunday, September 10, 2000 after eating a piece of McDo chicken with feces ("TAE") of rodents on it. It was a good thing that my 6-year old daughter was not poisoned after taking one little bite of the McDo chicken. On the said date, my wife, my daughter and an in-law visited the McDonald's outlet of Glorietta and ordered McDo chicken among other things. After taking a few bites of the McDo chicken, my wife noticed a foul and disgusting taste. She spat out the morsel of McDo chicken from her mouth and checked the food and noticed black objects, which she thought was "tae ng ipis" but we later discovered as "tae ng daga".

Since she already has ingested a few bits of the chicken, she felt dizzy and started to vomit. A service crew approached my wife only after repeated calls and only after my wife's sister-in-law raised her voice. The McDo chicken was quickly whisked away from their table and thereafter, a certain Ms. Edna Resurreccion, who introduced herself as the Assistant Branch Manager, came and unbelievably offered to replace the food my wife ordered without even asking about her condition. Worse, the service crew formed a "human barricade" by surrounding their table, perhaps to prevent other customers from hearing my wife's complaint. Since my wife's vomiting seemed to be uncontrollable, she rushed to Makati Medical Center (MMC) through her own initiative. No one from the McDonald's store bothered to accompany my wife to the hospital. Ms. Resurreccion was kind enough to follow only after I informed her that my wife is in MMC. Worst, my wife made the payments for all the medical tests, medicines and check-up through her health card.

A few days after the incident, Mr. Christopher "Chic-Chic" Perez, McDonald' s Operations Consultant asked to meet my wife. Though Mr. Perez is a cousin of my wife, he did not make a dent on my wife's disgust and disappointment with the way McDonald's handled the incident. However, a positive aspect we got during the meeting with Mr. Perez was the admission of a leak in McDonald's ? Glorietta Branch's food storage area that may have been the source of the intrusion of elements. Mr. Perez has repeatedly assured my wife that they are doing something to close up the leak. How unfortunate though that my wife has been diagnosed to have contracted TYPHOID FEVER and is now suspected to have LEPTOSPIROSIS (a sickness that may lead to death if left untreated). Results of the current medical tests will be known in a few days. It is my hope that she won't come out positive of leptospirosis. My wife has not reported for work for the past 14 days due to high fever, severe headache, weakness, intermittent chills and diarrhea. We have demanded a written apology from the Management of McDonald's Restaurant but we have not received any up to this time. It pains me and my wife to realize what had happened. We have a hard time explaining the incident to my daughter, who is, by the way, "used" to be a Ronald McDonald fan.



I am Bill Householder, an American living in the Philippines for more than a year now, married to a Filipina wife, the former Doddie Pacion.

Last July 19,2000, my wife and I ate lunch at McDonald's-Intramuros near Colegio de San Letran. Doddie was five and half months pregnant at that time and was very hungry. She noticed a funny taste in her Big Mac burger and by the time she found out why it was so, it was too late. Imagine my wife's horror and dismay when she found out the remaining one-fourth of her Big Mac burger had black and blue-green molds on the underside of the hamburger bun. We complained to the management of the store and they refunded only her meal. They only were only going to go that far had I not insisted of getting the store manager's name in case my wife got sick. She did. Later that night, Doddie was throwing up severely and had to go to her OB doctor the next day. It was severe food poisoning due to black & blue molds. She was hospitalized for 3 days, the food poisoning triggered preterm labor and she nearly lost the baby and could have lost her life as well.

My wife had to stop working because of the 2 months bed rest ordered by her OB-Gyne. McDonald's paid for the hospital bill and related medical expenses of my wife. For compensation of her loss of income, pain, suffering and the chance of having a baby with gastrointestinal disorders, McDonald's refuses to compensate what is due to my wife and baby.

They even refused to admit fault, in their letters and conversations to us, with regards to the moldy bun causing her food poisoning. I can't believe McDonald's corporate doctors even went as far as to flatly deny my wife having preterm labor ignoring the medical certificate issued by her doctor and the hospital. Doddie is still taking Duvadilan to control her preterm labor.

What my wife went through was atrocious. The emotional turmoil alone was so grievous I find it hard to write of it even now. The heartache of almost losing our FIRST baby drove the both of us to tears many times. Not even mentioning the severe physical pain she has had to endure due to the preterm labor. Their Mktg. & PR Manager, Mr. Jojo Samson, offered only about P20,000.00 as compensation to my wife and the baby. His reason for such a measly amount? "It comes from our PR & Mktg. budget which does not amount to much", he said. Mr. Samson even casually mentioned that if we go to court, he can easily "bury" our story from the Philippine media.

We filed a criminal case against McDonald's with the Manila Trial Court and legal proceedings begin this October 12, 2000. We didn't want to go to this but we are forced to these measures. We expected more honesty and honor from a company who claim to uphold quality, service and customer satisfaction as stated in their People Promise principles.

We recently received a lot of emails regarding the McDonald's Glorietta incident and found out there was another case involving that same store in that mall where a guy has DIED of food poisoning last November 1999. We are outrage by this lack of sympathy, callousness and disregard of human life by McDonald's.

Please pray for my wife, our baby, the wife of Mr. Jonathan Herbolario and the soul of the poor guy who left a wife and two young daughters. Pray that justice is served to all of us.

Bill Householder


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  1. yeah, it seems they may have flaws at times, like what we experienced on one of the Philippines famous fast food chain. It opens a branch on a mall here at our city. One day, we decided to eat and try their "unlimited" which is good. But since we have little children that eager to go home with us, we just order their "burgers" as take out and leave. When we got home and the children decided to eat what we brought, we got shock and gross of what the burgers are, they were spoiled and starting to rot, we throw it right away..what worse is, we had our newly returned/vacation tita at that time and really made her think that Philippines is really a dirty country & therefore, she choose the right decision which is to migrate..

  2. i had a fiber glass on my meal and the only reaction I got was it was not their fault.

  3. Your wife is with her daughter and your in law then stated there that the person who called was your wife's in-law? Really confusing though!!!


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