UFO Sightings in Novaliches, Quezon City and Cagayan De Oro

Would you believe that there has been a UFO sightings here in the Philippines?


It has been a very big issue and mystery in the world if there are other beings in the whole universe aside of us - Earthlings. According to the specialists studying these issues, It is very impossible that we are alone, there are millions of galaxies, containing billions of stars, encircled with more than two planets each. So, could it be possible that they had visited Philippines also? Well, YES, though some are not true.

This story was featured in GMA Channel 7 Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. According to them, the pictures taken in Novaliches, Quezon City was fake. It was just photoshopped by the person who claimed he captured it on air. The UFO sightings in Cagayan De Oro are as well not been proven if either fake or reliable.

Actually, UFO sightings here in the Philippines didn't only appear in those two cities - Quezon City and Cagayan De Oro, but also in Las Pinas City. The sightings there were proven to be true now, that's why we don't add it here.

The first sighting had been caught a video was on the mountainside of Cagayan de Oro City, taken September 14, 2011. Base on the person who took the recording, It wasn't a plane nor an air traffic lights. A view of down the street was taken for perspective. No editing was done to the video.

The second one was filmed over Novaliches Quezon City, Philippines. Taken, September 20, 2011. According to the eye witness, Right when I speed out of my house I saw these redish, orange bright lights coming from the west heading east. At first i thought it was fireworks. but then it smoothly floating or whatever. There were five UFOs, at first all going the same direction, then three more appear.


Unexplained Phenomena Examiner
September 14, 2011

On Wednesday, September 14, 2011, an amazing UFO sighting took place in the Philippines. A boomerang-shaped red, orange, white, and yellow unidentified flying object was filmed on the mountainside of Cagayan de Oro City. Like other UFO sightings these recent days, this illuminated object was documented through video.

If you watch the video on the left side of this page, you will see one of the most interesting recent UFO sighting. The unidentified flying object appears to be rimmed in flashing lights. Although the lights seem to be arranged in a boomerang pattern, it is unclear whether the object itself is shaped that way. If you look closely, it seems there may be another row of lights on the dark side of the UFO shining away from the camera.
Here is the observer's description of the UFO sighting caught on camera from BPOrdersTutorial's Channel:
- Gets pretty bizarre at the 3 and 7 minute marks.
- Not a plane or air traffic lights
- A view of down the street was taken for perspective.
- No editing was done to the video.
- This was filmed on the mountainside of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines on 9/14/2011.
Any explanations?

The video lasts for an astonishing 10 minutes and 10 seconds. The bright pulsating lights on the UFO definitely don't indicate a desire to be discreet. The unidentified flying object is very clearly visible against the dark night sky and cannot be mistaken for a star, comet, helicopter, airplane, or any other object usually credited (or blamed) for UFO sightings.