The Boyfriend's Death


[Taken from Internet:]

There was a story about a couple/lovers who were doing something inside their car when they notice a guy walking around them. Of course the girl, in fright, told her boyfriend to go out and confront the person. After hours later, the girl was freaked out when the head of her boyfriend just abruptly appear on the window. On the next day, she was found by some policemen insane. Legend has it that the guy walking around them hunts couples inside their car, parking on an isolated place.

[Taken from Internet:[1]]

The story goes that a couple went out on a date one night somewhere along New Manila. Then their car breaks down; good thing they were able to steer it to the Broadway Centrum parking lot. The boyfriend gets out of the vehicle and tries to fix the problem, but fails. So he tells the girlfriend to stay in the car, close the windows, and lock the doors while he's looking for help.

An hour later, the girl was getting anxious waiting for her boyfriend to arrive when she notices a strange man watching from the shadows. this man approaches the car and starts banging on the windows and trying to force open the doors. Terrified, the girl honks the car horn to get attention and scare the man off. He stopped and hurriedly left, only to return a few minutes later. then he circled the car, deliberately, holding something in his hand, which he raises to the window.

To her absolute horror, the girl realizes it was her boyfriend's decapitated head! That's not all: she was even more horrified to see what the man lifts up in his other hand: the boyfriend's car keys.

Allegedly the poor girl was so traumatized by the experience that she lost her mind.

[Taken from Internet:[2]]

The couple where somewhere in the creepy area when they ran out of gas. the boyfriend had to go get gas and left the girlfriend inside the car. Half an hour later the girlfriend noticed that there was this man watching her from a dark portion of the road. She then locked all the car doors when she saw the man walking towards her. Things got creepier when the the girlfriend realized that the strange man was trying to force the doors open, the girl honked on the horns to get attention and maybe scare the guy away. the man finally gave up and run away. After a few minutes the man was back and started circling the car. The girl was about to honk the horns when the man lifted something with his hand and walked towards the car. To the girls horror she realized that it was her boyfriends decapitated head. She sreamed in fear but nothing prepared her for what came next, the stranger lifted his other hand and the girl saw that he had in his possession....... The car keys of the boyfriend. The next day authority found the girl inside the car crying and laughing, saying things that didnt make any sense, she was driven insane by something , they didnt know.

Up to this day, that stranger has never been found.

[Taken from a Text Message:]

nasira ang car ng magsyota pauwi..
Boy: stay here, i'l call 4 help.. Lock d doors.. i'l bring d keys..
Girl: ok..
then may baliw n lumapit sa car, tiningnan ang girl at umawit..
"twinkle2 little star.."
Umikot sa car,
"twinkle2 little star.."
huminto at lumapit s girl!
hulaan mo kung anu ang dala q?
Umikot ulit at umawit.
"twinkle2 little star.."
hulaan mo kung anu ulit dala?!
d KEYS..
[The car of the lovers broke down while they're driving home.
Boy: Stay here. I'll call for help.. Lock the doors.. I'll bring the keys..
Girl: Ok..
Then, there was a madman went near the car, staring at the girl while singing.
"Twinkle. Twinkle. Little star.."
Walked around the car,
"Twinkle. Twinkle. Little star.."
Stopped and went near the girl.
Guess what I'm carrying?
Walked around again and sang.
"Twinkle. Twinkle. Little star.."
Guess what I'm carrying?!
The KEYS..]

Similarities and Variation

  • The Car
    The car broke down and the guy went out to get some help leaving his girlfriend alone inside it.

  • The Boyfriend
    He is the unfortunate guy decapitated by the madman.

  • The Girlfriend
    Left alone inside the car when his boyfriend went out for help. Afterwards, she was driven crazy.

  • The Madman (Stranger)
    The murderer who decapitated or killed the boyfriend.

  • Variations:

    The reason why the guy went out the car.
  • The couple noticed someone outside the car. The girl told her boyfriend to confront him.
  • The car broke down and the boyfriend went out to fix the car. When he can't fix it, he went away to get some help.
  • They ran out of gas.
  • When the girl was left alone . . .
  • . . . she noticed a stranger outside the car. Then, she locked the doors.
  • . . . her boyfriend told her to close the windows, and lock the doors while he's looking for help.
  • As time passed, a madman/stranger . . .
  • . . . freaked the girl out by showing something.
  • . . . approaches the car then started to bang the windows and forced the door to open. The girl honk the horn to scare the madman/stranger or to get the attention of anyone. After a few minutes, he went back holding something.
  • . . . walked around the car singing/whistling, carrying something with his hands.
  • The 'something'
  • The madman/stranger holds the decapitated head of the guy.
  • Others include the car key.

  • Conclusion

    All of the stories above originated from U.S.A. According to, the earliest story documented can be traced way back 1964 from a freshman at the University of Kansas. Then in 1970's, another version circulated in Malaysia.

    It is possible that the urban legend happened in real life. However, the original was distorted by tale-tellers to make it much horrifying and interesting to the hearers.

    I have no idea when and how these stories circulated, and who started these. New Manila in Broadway Centrum is the common setting of the crime. Some sources suggested that this story rose in the midst of 1980s. If it is true, I suppose this urban legend is connected to Marcos's reign, especially in Martial Law period, perhaps they use this to scare lovers to go outdoor at night. Or if not, then someone just wanted to scare couples to go parking in deserted places alone.

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