AIDS patient injects Movie-goers & Shoppers with his blood


Movie-goers and mall shoppers were injected with syringes containing infected blood of AIDS/HIV.


There was a story about a guy carrying a syringe full of AIDS/HIV positive blood, roaming around and injecting moviegoers at SM Megamall. The story broke out sometime in the 1990s. There were those who claimed to have heard stories from people who knew one of the guy's victims.

A person will sit beside someone who is alone, then prick a needle on him/her, then leaves a morbid note like, "Welcome to my world!" or "Congratulations, you're one of us."

In the case of the shoppers (not moviegoers), they will simply stand or sit beside you, then they'll inject you with their infected syringe or needle. After that, they will just run away living the words, "Happy living".


- In some stories, the guy was said to be wearing a baseball cap or a hooded jacket.
- Some people also said that the guy would let out a maniacal laugh each time he injected a victim. The guy seemed to "melt into the shadows" since nobody reported seeing him running or headed anywhere.
- Instead of a syringe, they said, he's using a needle.
- Another version said, this guy injects HIV positive blood on Ketchup dispensers in fast-food chains.
- Yet, there's another story from which this legend originated:
A woman (an employee of SM) who was infected by an HIV. After being fired by Mr. Henry Sy, she took revenge. She sit/stand beside SM shopper, then injects a needle from her body. Sometimes, she left some of the needles in the seats in SM cinemas for whoever will sit on it will also be infected.

Other story claims it was a disgruntled man, not a woman.


Anti-Megamall groups probably got together and decided to infect it with this story, which, by the way, isn't original. It turns out that this story has an international scope.

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