Alien Abductions in Mt. Banahaw

Look at the beautiful scenery of Mount Banahaw, depicting the farmland and the mountains consisting it.


Hikers went missing every time they go up in Mt. Banahaw, a sacred mountain in the Philippines. Aliens were actually the suspect of this disappearance, because, according to the residents, the mountain was a perfect landing site for UFOs (or Unidentified Flying Object).


Collected from Internet:

There is a group of young campers who spend the night at one of those mountains. One of them felt uncomfortable to sleep in the tent because its hot and crowded, she decided to go outside and sleep on a sleeping bag were the air is much colder. After few minutes of sleep she heard this strange noise of a landing aircraft, when she opened her eyes, she saw a flying saucer landing in front of her, she felt blinded by the light and when she woke up she was on the top of the other mountain away from her friends. Her friends found her and asked her what happened. She said, she doesn't remember anything after seeing the light.

This sacred mountain located between Laguna and Quezon, is rumored to be a vortex for the supernatural, aside of being an airport of alien air crafts. Many claimed it to be a landing site for the extra-terrestrial beings, as witnessed by hundreds of people including a TV crew who filmed it.

Mount Banahaw has a twin mountain named, Mount Cristobal, and both of them are considered sacred mountains. However, the two mountains are comparable to yin and yang - Banahaw possessed the goodness and Cristobal possessed the opposite. Both Mountains were said to be infested by Engkantos (Fairies), but we're not going to talk about fairy stories.


Mount Banahaw is also the home to many religious sects, ranging from mystic Catholics, to Christian sects with far-fetched beliefs. One group believes Jose Rizal and Jesus are one and the same (they are called "Rizalista"); another sect thinks Christ’s second coming will be at its peak; and yet, another one has their cherished relic, a piece of paper with ink scribbles - supposedly written by Jesus Christ as a child - "Santo Nino".