The Shapeshifting Neighbor


Actually, this story was told by my friends. According to them, it was only known by people living in E. Jacinto and Herrera Streets, Brgy. Ibaba, Malabon City.

No doubt, that even the urban people do still believe of the mythical creatures of our ancestors. Aswang and manananggal are the most popular of those. Stories about them tells us that they migrated from provinces with the reason similar to those normal individuals who test there fate in the urban cities. Then, plague the people on it.

Only few people had seen this shapeshifting neighbor they are talking about. No one knows if he is a male or she is a female, but my friend said, it is surely a female. He added that this creature can be synonymous to aswang, which likewise can shapeshift in many form. In addition, he also told me that this creature only goes out every night (of course!), and when there is a pregnant woman near her.
The only place where they often saw this creature is at the basketball court, named Plaza, and in Pilapil, in the form of a huge, black dog whenever that place is empty. But some says she always appear in a dark place in the form of a huge cat. Despite of its appearances, there's no incident of her attacks to a person nor dead people seen in an isolated place with unexplainable death.
But there's an incident of where this creature always change her form - from human to an animal.
One night, there was a guy who went to their CR. Their CR is not connected to their house, it was built outside, in the rim of the Tonsuya River. Actually, not only one family uses that CR but every one is free to use it. Back to the story, when he is near to the bridge-like woods heading towards the door of the CR, he saw someone went there first. He waited the person to finish and go out, but hours later he decided to knock the door when suddenly the wall opposite to the door was being destroyed. He was shocked of what the person inside is doing. Abruptly something flew outside from the CR - a huge bird. Frightened, he ran faster going back to his house forgetting what he actually wants to do there. While crying, he told his family of what he saw, but they didn't believe him. They just calmed him up and let him sleep. Day came, they saw the CR destroyed very much as if a whirlwind blew it. So, now they started to believe to that person who told them of what happened that night. They also theorized that that creature lives near them. My friend added, whenever you pass the houses near that CR, you always feel cold mysteriously with goosebumps that makes you more scared.
On the other hand, there were stories which this creature is also involved. They said, this creature is watching pregnant women in that same place where she is known.
One story is that, at night, a pregnant women (the mother of my friend who also gave me information about this mystery) caught a black dog watching her while washing her feet. At first, she just ignore that animal, but it seemed something different with that creature there. So, slowly, she picked a lag with a nail on the tip, then, smashed it to the dog. Definitely, it was injured - wounded in her butt. In the next day, they saw an old woman having a wound on its face, as if it was sliced by something. She was intrigued about that wound in old woman's face. Although the wound was in the dog's butt, but elders said that the face of an aswang when in the form of animal is at it's butt. So, she decided to ask her about the wound, and answered, she was wounded in an accident.
Another, a group of people are running after a fleeing dog when it was caught under the house of a pregnant woman watching her. But it was so fast that they didn't got it up.
In the other hand, an eye witness dealing with this being was told by a group of teenagers. One night, they were sitting in a usual place were they often see each other. One of them suddenly saw an old woman looking on them. They just ignore the stranger by staring. But it seemed the woman was still looking at them. So they tried to call her. First after they called her, she hid. On the second time, when she appears again, they called her, then hid again. It was on the third time when they call her, she went near to them. They ask her if theres a problem, but she just replied also with a question while looking in the same place. After the conversation, the old woman left but a question formed in their mind - why is she looking in the same house, even while talking to them? Time passed, and they found out that the house where she is looking at had a pregnant woman on it.
I can't say that its just a story made by imagination, made by those people who just want to get fame and just want to scare everyone especially those children who don't go home early. The only one who knows the truth is the one who saw it.