Alien Invasion in Iloilo

Las Pinas, which became famous of the reliable UFO sightings video records; Mount Banahaw, which was rumored of UFO abduction; and Novaliches, Quezon City and Cagayan de Oro, also a place of sighting, but Iloilo, invaded by Aliens?


In San Joaquin, Iloilo, residents were feared of this unexplainable visitors which, based on rumors, are all extraterrestrials - aliens in other word.

According to the people who witnessed and saw them personally, they were human-like with wrinkled forehead, long ears and a glowing eyes, wearing a loose dress like priests'. They first appeared at time of full moon.

Mostly, the witnesses were minor-aged children, because of that they may probably tell the truth of what they actually saw. Those beings might be TRUE.

Based in the GMA Channel 7 - Imbestigador, Antonio Israel, a specialist of UFOs, who was convinced that this beings are visitors from other world, had an opinion concerning them, he quoted, "Ako'y naniniwala, kung hindi man ito nanggaling sa outer space, ito ay marahil o malamang nanggaling sa ilalim ng dagat. Ang mga ganitong nilalang ay tinatawag na 'hoppers or creepers'." (I believe, if they may not came from outer space, they might originated from under the sea. These beings are called 'hoppers or creepers'.) He also explained the possible reason why they went offshore. Fr. Rex Jiloca, the previous parish priest, also told his opinion of the happenings. According to him, those things the people saw might be a manifestation of evil spirits warning the people.

At the end the television show concluded that those were just created of imagination and can be explained by science itself.


GMA Channel 7 - Imbestigador