Do Animals have Ghost?

Christians, Jews, Muslims and others believe in the idea of afterlife. They also believe that each human have spirit and soul. So how about animals, Do you think, they have spirits and souls too?

Humans do have feelings and intellect. So as the animals too. Humans are created by God. So as the animals too. What I'm trying to say is, if each human has a life and a body, and each animal have them too. Therefore, if humans have spirit and soul, then animals should have them too. Right? Well, if you don't believe me with my simple arguement, I can't blame you. If animals don't have spirit and soul, then they have no afterlife. However, how can you explain the similarities of humans and animals? Animals are made up of the same energy that humans are. Both of them also need air to breathe, and food and water to survive. They also get sick and die the same way how humans do.

Did I convince you somehow?

By the way, if each human have spirit and soul; and spirits became ghosts if they remain on earth after death. Then, animals might have ghosts too. What do you think? My answer is a big, fat, YES . . .

This is my Halloween Special article.

Few days ago, I saw a video in the internet where animals are tortured, and literally being crushed with human feet to death. The first video I saw was an innocent white-with-black-spots puppy being crushed and kicked by three girls, as if they were just playing with a black and white ball. Another video I saw was a cat killed by an adult woman in the same manner as the latter, and then another one features an adult dog. After watching those short videos, I found myself crying, disturbed, and dumbed. When I woke up from being speechless, the first sentence I said, for what I remember, Do they want to feel the pain of being tortured? I would definitely do it specially for them. I even imagined to have the Death Note (Light Yagami's notebook in the anime 'Death Note'.) and the website Hell Correspondence (Ai's website in the anime 'Jigoku Shoujo'.) I may be exaggerated, but I really love animals. That's how I love them. I have a pet, a little cute gray cat, and he is cuddly. :)


Phantom pets often come back to visit former homes and owners.[1] That's what the book I found say about animal ghosts.

The common animal ghosts reported to be seen by humans are the dogs, cats and horses rather than goldfishes and mosquitoes. Humans may not see them but they might feel them the same way when these animals were still alive. For example, your dog often sleeps beside you, after he died, you still feel something moving in your bed then it seemed it lied beside you.

Unlike human ghosts who sometimes appear with eye sockets empty, rotted-flesh or no head, animal ghosts appear the same feature they look like when they were alive. So, they're not, or somehow a little bit, scary. Animal ghost usually don't haunt like what human ghost did. They may sometimes appear as friendly or sometimes not especially if they are guarding something. Just like how they act when they're alive. But like what I said, they don't usually haunt.

I am limiting the animal ghost in dogs, cats, and horses, because they're the only animals reported. Maybe because, these animals have connection with humans, and they are also intelligent.

Accordingly, man is the only species that some day realizes that he or she will terminate and leave this world. All other species simply exist from day to day and die without being able to communicate to us that they in fact are dying.[2]

One reason why there is an animal ghost perhaps because of the human's great love with them and/or constant grieving of the loss which may sometimes create an effect as to why humans became ghosts too - sudden violent or tragic death. For these reasons, animals go back for a short period of time.[2]

Reported Cases of Animal Ghosts

[Taken from a book:]

Australia, 1953

William Courtney was heartbroken when Lady, his greyhound, died. The next night, lying in bed in the dark, he heard a dog patter into his room and flop down on the floor beside him - just like Lady used to. When he turned on the light, the room was empty. Lady's ghost was gone.[1]


I can't wish animal ghosts to haunt humans. Some of us love to eat pork, beef and chicken. But it could be justifying to say that if ever they can haunt, only to those people who killed them in a wrong way.

Back to the ghost thing. If animals may became ghosts and/or have spirits too, then they share life after death with us.

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