No. 14 Laperal

It has been urban legend or just plain curiosity that make the locals and tourists alike flock to # 14 Laperal, or famously know as the "White House" in Baguio City.

Many TV shows and films have capitalized on its notoriety as being haunted.

But what really boggles the mind is the mystery surrounding the history of the house. Many stories have come up about the fate of the Laperal family. No one really knows what happened inside the white structure. Even the relatives of the original owners are mum about it.

The paints are fading. But the popularity of the house just keeps on growing because of the interests of the people in the paranormal.

Who are the ghosts that haunt the Laperal White House? Do they have stories to tell?

I-Witness dared to find out when Jay Taruc and a group of psychics locked themselves inside the house to just feel their "presence."

What the cameras captured were extraordinary sounds and images that will stir the senses.

The Video

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I watched this documentary of Jay Taruc in the middle of the night alone in my room ... This scared me very much, especially of that part where a ghost talked in the CCTV Camera saying, Nandito kame ... (We're hear ...) Till now, I can't forget that ...