Aswang in Bulacan

Recently, Brgy. Balubad, Bulacan was covered in terror. Poultry and livestock animals were found dead. One of the owners of these animals was shocked seeing his animals with wounds. They were as if sucked by an unknown being. Rumor has it that an aswang was roaming in there place.


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‘Aswang’ sows fear in Bulacan

RESIDENTS of a barangay in Bulacan, Bulacan now fear for their lives after a series of killings of their animals that some people believe are done by a nocturnal monster locally known as "aswang."

Hog raisers in Barangay Balubad said they believe that a monster is the one responsible for the death of their swine.

Mat Tansinsin, owner of four pigs that were found dead on the morning of September 8, said he was surprised when he saw his hogs lifeless with scratch and bite marks all over the body and with massive blood loss.

A certain Benigno Dela Peña lost twenty four ducks to the ‘monster’ on the first day of the ‘aswangs’ attack’ and after a week another twelve ducks and six chickens.

“Tanggal ang mga bituka ng kanilang mga alagang hayop ng aking nadatnan at ang ipinagtataka ko ay kung bakit wala man lang tumahol na mga aso sa mga oras na nilalapa ng ‘aswang’ o nilalang ang aking mga alaga,” (Intestines of my animals were taken apart when I found them. And what wonders me is, why dogs didn't bark at the time when aswang, or whatever kind of being it was, ate my animals.) Dela Peña said.

Ason Mahinay, a resident of the place said the night before the livestock were found devoured, she saw a huge dog roaming around their barangay. A day after she saw a big cat.

Sa aming lugar sa Bisaya, ‘pag ganyang pabagu-bago ng itsura ang isang hayop, may posibilidad na ito ay isang aswang, (In our town in Visayas, when an animal shape-shifts in different figures, there's a possibility that it was an aswang) she explained.

The incident is now being investigated by the local police and the municipal agricultural office.

Published : Monday, October 08, 2012 00:00
Written by : Manny Balbin

Some experts explain and speculate the reason of the animal deaths. They said that it wasn't an aswang who killed them, but a wild animal only. However, paranormal experts believe that it was definitely an aswang.