Cat Walk Wish (Part 2)

Cat Walk Wish (Part 2)

The next day, I went to the old garden again. I sat in the deserted bench where I sat the last time I went there. I felt good and relaxed - especially I was picked by the couch of the college basketball.

Minutes later, I heard a voice again. I ignored it. I thought it was normal in the place. Well, last time the same voice was badgering me. It kept calling at me, so I looked to the cat-walk. Upstairs, I found my friend, sitting in his wheelchair. "Hey!" He said. "Congratulations. I'm very proud of you." After he spoke, I went upstairs but not to talk to him. Instead, I just passed over him. I went straightly to my classroom. I waited at him, but he didn't come. Our teacher was in the classroom preparing to discuss our lesson, but still he's no where to be found.

Three subjects passed but he's still no where. I felt worried. I left him in the old garden, in the cat-walk. I became exaggerated. I was thinking something bad happened to him. So I decided to go back there, but before I can make it to the exit, I found him approaching. I felt relieved. Then I went back to my table.

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