Cat Walk Wish

Cat Walk Wish

Wishes are created for good things. Wishes are not meant to overcome envy.

That's the lesson I learned when I was in high school. A kind of experience that no one would ever forget brought me to that conclusion. ENVY is one of the seven deadly sins. I can say it is the most deadly of all. Comparing is the symptom of envy; and envy itself is the disease.

I studied in a private school. It was a good and ideal academy every child would like to be in. Teachers were great. They were patient in dealing with their students, and diligent in feeding the knowledge they would like to share to children. The buildings were also great. The ambiance is very pleasing. The field was full of green grass, and you often see students enjoying companionship and playing games to utilize time. I was always staring this attractive view from the window in the fourth floor of the main building.

Well, like other schools in the whole world, folklores and urban legends exist to complete the ingredients of being an unforgettable alma mater. I remember that stairway in the old garden at the back of the main building of my school which we called "cat walk" - that thirty series of steps with an antiquely look at first glance. It was said that whoever climbs up that stairs with eyes closed counting from one to thirty and you got the thirty first-step, your wish will be granted after saying this chant four times: “Cat O Cat. I know you are here. Please grant me the wish I always wanted to get."

I didn't actually believe in that lore. Only dumb people would accept it as true.

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  1. Katulad siya ng horror korean movie na "wishing stairs" .. pero sabi nga nila, "be careful what you wish for.." sa movie, once na nag wish ka at nag-appear ang 31 step, mangyayari nga ang wish mo pero may kapalit itong hindi maganda..


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