Cat Walk Wish (Part 3)

Cat Walk Wish (Part 3)

I arrived in the classroom, and my teacher was standing in front of my classmates, as if he arrived seconds before I came.

"I'm sorry. I'm late." I said, then I walked straight to my table.

"Why are you wet?" My teacher told me. All my classmates were staring at me. I didn't answer. I just took my towel off my bag.

As I dry my face, my hair in my nape was standing. I felt like someone was breathing behind me. Then when I took off the towel in my face, I saw something behind my teacher. I closed my eyes again to clear up my sight, then I opened. Nothing was in there, so I sighed. Maybe my eyes were tired.

The whole subject even though interesting for me, became boring eventually. My eyes were very heavy, as if they wanted to go off my sockets. I don't like the feeling of forcing yourself to be awake. It was a very hard time.

I cut classes after that. I knew I can't make it till the whole day finishes, so I went home. My parents weren't there, all of them were working. I went to my room, then I slept. It was still 9am.

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  1. Saan ko mahahanap yung 1st part nito?


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