The Curse of the Old Lady


[Taken from Internet: (August 02, 2008)]

MAY 10, 1976
Nasagasaan ang isang matandang babae, pero tinakbuhan ng nakasagasa. Bago mamatay ang matanda sinabi nya "alaw ina magnat" isang itim na dasal...
Sa lahat ng nakabasa nito magpapakita ang matanda ng 3 beses ng madaling araw!
Tatabi sayo duguan at humihingi ng tulong!
Nangyari ito kay JENIFFER ISIDRO ng Guimba, Nueve Ecija dahil hindi naipasa sa 17 tao at namatay sya. 17 ang bilang ng taong nakakita sa insidente pero hindi tumulong..
Sori kelangan ko ipasa kasi ayon sa research ko totoo ito! Naipalabas na ito sa NGINIG..

[Taken from a Blog: (November 03, 2009)]

MAY 10, 1976
Nsgasaan ang 1 mtndng bbae pero tinkbuhan ng nksgsa. Bgo nmtay ang mtnda tinuran nia ito, “alaw ina magnat”, 1ng itim n dsal.S lht ng nkbsa ni2 mgppktng mtnda ng 3x ng mdling araw!Ta2bi sau,duguan,humihingi ng 2long!Nngyari i2 ky MARKY CIELO ng STARSTRUCK dhil d nia naipsa sa 17tao nmty xa arw n dec.7,2008,11:15 d sya ngicng.Sori kilngn q ipsa kc ay0n sa rsearch 220 i2!Niplabas na ito s NGINIG..

[Taken from a Social Networking site: (December 22, 2010)]

May 10, 1976
Nasagasaan ang 1 matandang babae, pero tinakbuhan ng nakasagasa. Bago mamatay ang matanda, tinuran niya ang "alaw ina magnat", isang itim na dasal.
Sa lahat ng nakakabasa nito. :magpapakita ang matanda ng 3 beses ng madaling araw. Tatabi sayo, duguan at humihingi ng tulong.. nangyari ito kay Marky Cielo ng starstruck dahil hindi niya naipasa sa 20 tao, namatay siya sa araw na December 07, 2008 11:15 pero hindi nagising. Sorry, kailangan ipasa kasi ayon sa research totoo ito. Naipalabas na ito sa Nginig..
Pnasa lang toh skenpkipasa s iba .. BWAL IBALIK ! ipasa mo sa lhat ng ONLINE.


[English Translation:]

May 10, 1976
There was once an old lady bumped by a vehicle, but the one who did it fled away. Before she died, she uttered these words, “alaw ina magnat”, an incantation of some dark spell.
To all persons who have read this message will be visited by this old lady three times at dawn. She will lie beside you, covered with blood, begging for help.
[August 02, 2008]
This happened to Jeniffer Isidro of Guimba, Nueva Ecija, because she didn't pass this to 17 people, and she died. 17 people saw her, but no one helped.

[November 03, 2009 and December 22, 2010]
This is what happened to Marky Cielo of Starstruck because he failed to pass this to 17 (latest, 20) people. He was killed last December 7, 2008, 11:15, haven’t waken up.
Sorry, I have to pass this because according to some researches, this is real. This had been aired in NGINIG.. NO RESENDING BACK! Pass this to all online friends.

Actually, I recieved this kind of message when I was still 16 years old. It scared me! But what can I do? I don't have load to send it to others. I had read the message, so I have no choice but to wait her appear suddenly in front of me. And yet, nothing happened.

The above chain messages depict an old lady which was hit by a vehicle. All of the given stories above didn't mention what kind of vehicle it was. (On the version I recieved, it was a car.) However they tell the similar date when the event happened - May 10, 1976. On the other hand, the person who was killed differs depending in time. The first message which was made August 02, 2008, the time when Marky Cielo was still alive, Jeniffer Isidro of Guimba, Nueva Ecija was told there. Then, on the second story, November 03, 2009, almost nine months after the young actor died, even the reason of his death is still unknown, became an example in the chain message. It is obvious that this was just invented for some reason, like the other chain messages I had included here in my blog.

According to, he searched the meaning of the spell. He said, it was not of Greek, Latin nor Egyptian origin, but definitely from Filipino. It was actually an anagram. An anagram is a word or sentences made by transposing the letters of another. Let's see:
ALAW INA MAGNAT (the spell in the chain messages)

ALAWINAMAGNAT (spaces were deducted)


TANGA MANIWALA (space was added)

  • TANGA a Filipino word for idiot; stupid
  • MANIWALA it means to believe

  • In other words, the spell means Believers are stupid.
    Other noticeable information in the message:
  • Dawn
    Marky Cielo died 11:15, whether it was at morning or evening, still it is not dawn. Therefore, even in that information, it became very incredible. Actually, I still don't know who was Jeniffer Isidro in the oldest version. If she died, then the reason might not be the message itself. I think it was an accident who killed her. There was 17 witnesses on her death which ignored her while dying, as written above. So what actually had happened? No one knows.

  • NGINIG (actually Nginiig)
    It was a horror oriented show aired in the Philippines by ABS-CBN. They feature ghost stories based on real-life experiences of other people. Well, I don't actually know if it was featured there.

  • The old lady will visit you at dawn three times.
    All of the messages hadn't mentioned that whoever will be visited will die. However, Jeniffer Isidro and Marky Cielo died.
  • Based on some rumours, the Telecom Companies started this messages at the time when there was no unlimited text available yet. So for them to earn more money and have more customers, they need to do this. Well, it's another story though.


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