Smiling Horse in a Beer

Some of you knew what Red Horse beer is, and what does it taste like. Right? But I'm not commenting on what the taste of it is and I'm not making any story to disparage the beer just to destroy its appeal to those who love drinking it.

The San Miguel Brewery Inc. was a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation.

One of our readers suggested this urban legend. Its about this logo of a bottle with the smiling horse on it than the usual side view picture of a horse in the present bottles of Red Horse. They said, the one with a happy horse taste much stronger and kicky than the other. Unfortunately, I don't drink beer so I don't know what it taste like.

The Story

The reason why there is two kinds of Red Horse beer in the market is because the San Miguel Brewery Inc. changed there logo in 1992. The old one has a smiling horse on the face of the bottle with label on the back printed in red. The new one has a much serious side view face of a horse with labels printed in white.

You can still find a happy horse Red Horse bottle in the market because they are still in use at present. It will take 20 years, starting the changed of logo, before the happy horse vanishes. You can determine the age of the bottle by looking at the bottle’s scuff level. It’s the white band around the neck of the bottle. the thicker it is, the older the bottle.

I was searching in the internet about the taste difference of the two, and I found out that they are similar. Its only their logo that differs, and they made no changes in formulating the same beer.

The Red Horse beer contains 6.9% alcohol volume. The ingredients are still identical - water, malt, hops, any of the following: cereals, sugar or starch.

Contributed by: Paul Lorenzana

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