The Train Ride


[Taken from Internet:]

One day there was this girl named Jessica. She was looking at the train arrival time-table, and found that her train was about to leave. So she ran to the ticket order counter, and quickly bought a ticket. She ran straight to the train. She is meant to catch and made it. When she got onto the train she saw that the only people on the train were these 3 girls. The 3 girls were all sitting on one seat. So Jessica decided to sit on the seat that was across them.

On her way down the aisle she saw that the middle girl was staring at the seat she was going to sit on and the girls that were beside her on either side were staring straight ahead. When Jessica sat down she started to get freaked out coz the girl in the middle was staring at her. Then the ticket-collector came to the girl and said, Excuse me ma'm can i see your ticket?

Jessica replied, Yeah sure.

When the ticket collecter looked at the ticket he said to Jessica, Sorry ma'am, but you have to come with me your ticket is fake.

Jessica said WHAT!? No that can't be! I just bought it 2 minutes ago.

He said Ma'am, come with me, otherwise I will call the police.

So she got up and went with the man and went into his office.

He stared at her and said Look, your ticket wasn't fake. i did that because the two girl that are beside the middle, strangled her to death before you even got on the train!

My first impression on this story is that, it seemed like an urban legend. But still I'm searching for some information about the story.