Instant Cup Noodles has a Wax Lining

The Letter

[Taken from Internet:]

Dear all,

This is what I heard from a fellow colleague.

Her nephew, who was studying in UK for about one and a half years, likes to eat cup-a-noodle. And guess what! His doctor has found that there is a layer of wax lining the walls of his stomach. Seems that instant noodles that comes with foam containers contain an edible layer of wax. However, regular consumptions make it hard for our livers to clear the toxic. This person died when he went for an operation to try to remove the layer.

Pls do not boil the noodles in the container. Transfer to a glass bowl before you put the hot water.

Aira Gaspar
Manulife Philippines


The message tells about a the child of her friend whose stomach walls have wax layers, found by a doctor.

But the email and the story are definitely not true.

According, the email circulated in the internet since October 2000. However, the story was much more older than the named date, because there are rumors with the same subject circulated many years ago.

I also found in Snopes, some stories or even tells the reason and effect of wax on our body. It states there that wax is needed to make the noodles not stick together when cooked. As well as, the wax can cause cancer to whoever in take it.

By the way, I don't know who Aira Gaspar is. When I research about her in internet, this e-mail often show.