Good day everyone!

I am very glad that we're about to reach A MILLION VIEWS. Thanks to everyone who supported me for this.

I just want to tell everyone that I NEED SOME STORIES. I encourage everyone to SHARE their scary/horror stories and CREATE articles for the Philippine Urban Legends' Blog. For some reason, I need to stop producing stories and/or articles. I need too... (I'm sorry!)

But don't worry! I will be back on my track again maybe after October. I PROMISE!!!

The truth is ... I have some stories with me to share, however all are not properly made and researched yet.

Yes, you will not get any benefit on creating such, but your story will be read by other people. Your claim of the story is secured. I will put your name on it as the author. :)

If you have one, just PM us to our official Account. Or you can send it to our E-mail address shown above.

Once again, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone.