Comfort Room Stories (Halloween Article)

Of course, everyone knows what a comfort room is, except maybe to those who don't really know what it is.

We've heard ghosts haunting cemeteries, old houses, deserted buildings like in the case of the Diplomat Hotel, hospitals, and even vehicles. But there is another peculiar setting of these tales, the comfort room/rest room/powder room. What could be the reason why ghosts also appear inside these places? Are they also victims of abuse in the same area? Or it was just an imagination?

Japanese horror movies and urban legends also had stories of dangerous ghosts dwelling in a particular cubicle. First one is about Hanako san. I don't really know her story but she was so famous that almost all high school students have their own Hanako story to tell. Then another one is about Kashima Reiko, a female ghost who had no legs. She often ask where her legs are, then you should answer 'Kashima reiko.' And yet, another legend is about Aka Manto. He is a male ghost who haunts in the last stall of girl's comfort room. He knocks, then asked anyone which to choose - a red paper or a blue one. Either you choose, you'll still die.

Do you also remember Moaning Myrtle of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? She also haunts in the lady's room because she was killed there by the Basilisk being a mudblood.

Another one, there was a Thai horror gag show in which one of there gag was set in a comfort room. Putting a mysterious portmanteau or large suitcase inside, they made it bleed as if a corpse was hidden on it, then a ghost coming from a cubicle appeared in front of the victim, scaring them as if to death.

I'm mentioning these things because it only mean that we (Filipinos) are not the only ones who have stories of CR ghosts.

Variations: Cause

In layman's view, I enumerate possible causes of their haunting.

Note: All the stories here are local tales.

A. It was a result of an accident.

The Cubicle
by: Isabella

This story was related to me by a close friend of mine who was also my classmate. Stories of our school spread very quickly, but this one was enough to make my spine tingle.

We had a friend who claimed that she had the third eye. One day she went to the CR, which was just near our classroom. When she was about to go out, she heard a low moan behind her.

Warily, she tried to go out of the cubicle, she discovered she was locked inside. The cubicle also had a lock outside and someone must have locked her in!

Looking behind her she saw a white figure, but it was blurry. Totally scared now, she pushed on the door with all her strength and the door finally gave.

She ran out of the CR screaming.

The following day, we asked some old teachers and janitors about the aforementioned cubicle.

Manong John, one of the janitors, told us that a second year high school student was once locked in that cubicle, but she died trying to climb out of it.

She tried to use the toilet as leverage to get to the top, but slipped and hit her head on the toilet seat.

The janitors found her lifeless body the next day, her skull cracked open and blood spilled all over the floor. Her spirit haunts the cubicle in our CR because she's trying to find her way out.

B. Suicide in the bathroom.

The Comfort Room Lady
by: Shineth Tadrilan

We have an exam that time, I really need to use the comfort room so I asked my teacher to go out to pee, and to have someone to go with. However, my teacher didn't bid me to go with someone else. She told me to fight my fear.

Scared, but I need to go to CR alone than just stay there and pee on the room.

There's only one comfort room, so I have no choice but to use it. It was said that a teacher commit suicide on the said comfort room 5 years ago.

After I flush the bowl, a bloody woman went out suddenly on the other cubicle. I ran out faster not even finishing my business there. I forgot to wash my hands. I ran and ran till I reach our classroom.

I thought that if I reach our room, everything will be okay, but as I was taking my exam, the bloody woman just appeared in front of me. She's not alone, she got a headless ghost with her. Because of terror, I ran out the room not even considering what my teacher or my classmates would say just to escape and never see them anymore.


St. Paul College Urban Legend

You will be shocked to know that there are no mirrors in some of the comfort rooms in the campus. It is for the reason that an anonymous lady appears in the mirror unexpectedly and really scares the students. It has been said that one student committed suicide in that comfort room.

C. Unknown cause.

The Little Girl
by: Rei Buesing

A college student of a well-known university was coming home late at night to finish off a project to be submitted the next day. On her way out of the campus, she left a sudden urge to go to the ladies' room. So she looked for the nearest restroom and luckily she found one at the oldest building in that said campus. Upon emtering the rest room, she saw a little girl of about 6 years old, wearing a little blue one-fashioned dress with long hair and a very angelic face. She was washing her hands at the sink. There was nothing unusual about the little girl; however, the fact that the university doesn't have a grade school department mystified her a bit. She was also wandering why that girl was still inside the campus sinse it was already late at night.

"Hi! Why are you still here, kid? It's almost 11pm. You should be at home now..."

"Ay! Sorry po... I am still waiting for my father who works here as a janitor. I just had dinner that's why I am washing my hands here..."

"Oh I see. You wait for me, okay?" the college student said then she entered one of the cubicles there. The little girl just smiled and nodded. When the college girl was doing her business, she heard the little girl came in the toilet next to her. For some reasons, she looked down to check on the little girl. Everything seemed pretty normal and the girl was just there doing her own business in the toilet.

"When the college student was finished, she suddenly felt uneasy as if someone was looking at her. So she looked up and what she saw next made her scream and slip of the toilet! She saw the girl's head detached from its neck and it was staring madly at her with its red eyes, and her blood shed all over her face! What happened next made her stand up and ran because the headless little girl said, "Ate, are you done already?"

The college girl ran out of the restroom screaming her head off.

D. Victims of abuse or a cruel death.

Adamson University Urban Legend

A girl was by the sink in one of the comfort rooms in the building, washing her face.

When she looked in the mirror, she saw that on her face, instead of droplets of water, were little drops of blood. And standing behind her was a man. A headless man in a soldier's uniform.

Every year, students would encounter various but similarly scary experiences in that toilet. According to research, the St. Vincent de Paul building, where the comfort room was, is the oldest building of and was used as an execution station by the Japanese army during the World War II.

Rumor has it that countless heads had been chopped off in the toilet itself.


Feati University Urban Legend

At 10 pm one night, one ROTC cadet was relieving himself in one of the comfort room at the third floor of the Paterno Building. He was just about to finish when he made out the unmistakable figure of a woman dressed in white floating in the air. The vision made him scream in intense fright, catching the attention of his other companions. Upon their arrival, the ghostly apparition was still there.

It was seven in the evening at another instance, when a janitor getting ready to go home noticed a mysterious lady enter one of the restrooms at the third floor. He followed the lady to warn her that the part of the building was strictly prohibited. He entered the restroom and saw no one there.

According to stories, the Paterno Building, which had existed even before the outbreak of World War II, was used as a garrison by the Japanese during the war.

E. Peeking ghost.

I heard a story of a ghost who peeks on someone in the bathroom. Usually a male ghost who peeks on women taking a bath. Another version is about a gay ghost. In short, MALIBOG PA RIN, KAHIT PATAY NA. Well, they could be succubus.

F. Just following the person.

Not all ghosts dwell on comfort room, some of them possessed an individual and follows this person anywhere (s)he goes. And it just happened that they appeared on the said place.

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